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See what Jayne has already done...

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  • Chief Cushie

See What Jayne has Done! She wrote to her representative and she's now in the Congressional Record. She has her first response and it's a fantastic one!

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Way to go Jayne.....you are famous..lol


I still have not done this ...seems everytime I go to do it something else comes along to take my attention away..I don't have access to a printer now to print the sample letter or my personal story..but as soon as I do....I to am going to become famous!!!!


Think about if everyone afflicted with this awful disease did the same.....wow!!!


on top of my "TO DO" list is this!!!! ASAP.



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I am going to send this info along with my story to my local MP (Member of Parliment) also, I had a local newspaper interested in my story so I am going to see if they want to do it now and incorporate it with 8th April!


Never know, may even have the courage to contact a National! lol...



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WHOO HOOO! What great work Jayne. AND way to go you guys above.. Yippeee...

Good stuff!




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