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Am I in a closet or has anyone else heard of this drug? Is it new? Anyone know anything about it?



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I'm off to bed but saw your post...


It is also known as Avandia-it is a drug that increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin. (an antidiabetic drug)


I haven't used it and know no more about it than that...Has your doctor suggested it for you? Do you still have elevated blood sugars, even after surgery?


Hope you are doing okay,

Bug :(

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No, I read how they have done some testing on it for acth producing tumors. Type in a search page, Rosiglitazone acth <--- just those two words and see what you read... Interesting. But you would understand many of those med pages better then I.


Not for me, for others here. I am adrenal, my acth was low most of the time. Sugars are fine too..


Anyhow, let me know what you read and I know you can make sense of it all..




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Guest melodykoenig

My endo feels it is a last resort. Still not FDA approved for use with cushings-much like glucophage for pcos; however- she tells me it is marginally effective and tends to cause a significant amount of weight gain. No something I would care to experiment with!!

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