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Mis-information in my opinion

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Being Memorial day and raining I had nothing better to do than browse the web. Ran across a BBC.co.uk/health site that had this on cushings.


Uncovering and rectifying the problem


It's usually obvious that someone may have Cushing's syndrome because of the way the excess hormones affect the body. Straightforward urine and blood tests will confirm high levels of hormone. Next, it's necessary to determine why this is happening and to treat the underlying cause responsible.


I'm sorry but I'm not finding it very straightforward, in any shape or form


Just sharing this rainy morning.


Terri E.

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Well, if the person is full-blown cushings and has had it for a number of years and is half dead (like me) - yes, the diagnosis is easy. Otherwise, it seems the diagnosis is often illusive.


I just hate when med students are taught this crap.

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Ditto what Lynne said. Even when a person is full blown, there can be a binding problem that doesn't lend itself to have high UFCs. This I know.

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