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Cushing's US Postage Stamps


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  • Chief Cushie

These will be in the regular Cushing's Store. $2.00 of each purchase will go the the running of these boards and the rest of the websites.


The stamps will come in sheets of 20. This Custom Postage cannot be purchased or shipped outside the U.S.


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  • Chief Cushie

Well, I have no idea who worked on it from the stamps.com side, but I'm the one who did the Cushing's version.


So... you're welcome :blink:

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WOW! This is great, Mary! How exciting to have our own stamps!

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This IS way cool!!!


Thanks again, Mary, and I, too, am glad that the 2.00 will go to help with the boards since I've not yet won the lotto, found that special exceedingly wealthy man or found other sources of income to help otherwise :rolleyes: (again, I just :rolleyes::) the wacko icon)




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I forgot to ask Mary when I called her in Barbados this week.... She'll be home this weekend and maybe she'll know if they're ready for us yet.



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I'm not 100% sure but I don't think these stamps can be purchased from the post office. I don't think they are actual USPS stamps. However, they have been approved for use, by the USPS according to what I have read. (see below)


"Approved for domestic use by the United States Postal Service, stamps are sold in sheets of 20 and are available in seven denominations. Each stamp measures 1.90" x 1.40" and the featured image measures 1.10" x 1.10".


It looks like they are available for $18.99 per sheet of 20 -.37 cent stamps.

from CafePress. Mary posted that $2.00 of each purchase will go the the running of these boards and the rest of the websites.


To order click here:



I hope this information is correct... If not, then Mary please correct it when you return... :)



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  • Chief Cushie

Yes, Cathy, that's right. They're actually from stamps.com. Stamps.com started making photo stamps ( http://photo.stamps.com ) and Cafepress, as I understand it, got stamps.com to allow the cafepress members (including us Cushies) to be able to use images instead of just photos. So, that was where I came in with the image for the stamp.


They are available now, if anyone is interested. If anyone wants, they can look into the process of getting official USPS-issued stamps, but I'm sure that there's a ton of paperwork and time involved in that project.


From http://photo.stamps.com/PhotoStamps/learn-more/real/ :

Yes, PhotoStamps from Stamps.com are valid U.S. Postage, based on a technology called PC Postage, which is what creates the bar code you see to the right of the image area on PhotoStamps. Only vendors that are licensed and approved to produce PC Postage may display the logo seen below:





Stamps.com, the company behind PhotoStamps, has been a USPS-approved provider of PC postage since 1999, and is the industry leader. When the product first launched in 2004, PhotoStamps by Stamps.com was the first customized postage product ever to be offered in the United States.


After the successful market test during 2004 in which over 2.75 million PhotoStamps were sold in just 7 ? weeks, PhotoStamps from Stamps.com returned in May 2005 under authorization of the US Postal Service. In the first 6 weeks following the return of PhotoStamps in May 2005, an additional 1.4 million PhotoStamps have been sold. That is over 4 million letters, greeting cards, invitations and gifts that have already been made more exciting by using PhotoStamps!


Always look for the licensed approved vendor logo shown above, or look for the "PhotoStamps?" (single word) brand before you purchase any customized postage product anywhere on the Internet. When you see the logo above or you see the PhotoStamps trademark, you can be assured that the U.S. Postal Service will accept your mail and process it without delay. Be careful because there are many imitators out there that are nothing more than photo stickers! PhotoStamps from Stamps.com is the original customized postage product and is always genuine U.S. Postage.

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  • Chief Cushie
Will the stamps be avaiable when the price of stamps change in January and will they reflect the new price change?? I believe stamps will be going up to 39 cents.

I finally checked on this. The answer is:

"Postage Rates increase & Custom Postage

Effective January 8th, postal rates will be increasing. The postage rates for Custom Postage will be updated January 5th. The base price will increase based on the postage rate increase."

And there are stamps in other denominations besides the new (starting Sunday) 39 cent stamps. There are also 6 other denominations available. Even though it said that these rates would be udated yesterday, I don't see that it's been done yet.

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