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Just wondering if any of you saw this....As Cushing's patients we know how cortisol dulls the memory. If this pill can dull memory in trauma patients... by reducing adrenal hormones, what effect could this same pill have on Cushing's? Also, this drug has been on the market for years...used for high blood pressure. What effect can it have on people who take it for high blood pressure who don't need to have their memory dulled? If it truely reduces adrenal hormones should it be avoided during Cushing's testing? I'm not sure that I understand the full concept of how this drug works.


Click here: AOL News - 'Trauma Pill' Could Make Memories Less Painful



"During stress, the body pours out adrenaline and other "fight or flight" hormones that help write memories into the "hard drive" of the brain, Propranolol can blunt this. "

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Interesting. It's a beta-blocker which is a very common hypertension drug. I take and have taken it for over a year. I asked the endo about it prior to doing testing and I was told the drug would not interfere with testing.


The adrenaline comes from a different portion of the adrenal gland than cortisol. I believe that is the reason why there is no impact to the cortisol testing.


Thanks for sharing....interesting!

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Its also used sometimes as a migraine preventer. Originally prescribed to lower blood pressure, it was found that it also decreased the frequency and severity of migraines in some, not all, sufferers. I have been on it for a year now as a migraine preventer and it is my miracle drug. Its also known as Inderal.

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