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US Healthcare Mediocre Across the Board

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Here is something to munch on that all of us already know buckets about:




Nice to see it in print, though. We can only hope that the medical profession takes itself to task and pushes to create guidelines docs ALL have to stick with. If I were a doctor-I'd find this article really discouraging news about my peers. I'd want them to buck up and wake up and do whatever it takes to change the stats.


On the flipside of consumerism...we all know that WE have the power to change our own care by advocating for ourselves.


Bug :)

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Very interesting article, Ellen! You know, in most businesses, if they were only getting that percentage of satisfaction from customers, they'd go under. Why is that not true for doctors?


Secondly, this isn't going to come out right no matter how I say it, but there are so many folks who don't know enough to know they aren't getting what they need, so are "satisfied" all the way to death. So I think the numbers don't reflect the actuality of good health care. I think the they are much lower for that.


Thanks for sharing this.



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I heard this on the radio this morning, and I thought to myself "Boy does that not suprise me"

On the bright side though, having good insurance and alot of money to throw away doesn't help, you get treated just as good (or bad) as the unisured. So for all of us out there that are under-insured or not insured at all, we can expect the same crappy service that all the rich people get too. America really is a land of equality! ( I'm being sarcastic for all those I've offended....sorry)

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