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Blood spot test for cortisol?

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Well, dang, Kellyann! This is "spot on" as Liz would say!! (Right, Liz?) I've said for a long time I know it's feasible to develop a stick test just like they did for blood sugar. You know it's possible. I wish someone would do it!!!! We need to push for it!




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Indeed spot-on Robin! I love this idea, trouble is, they'd end up with too many people diagnosed with cushings, and we could never have that ........

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That would be super if we could get a test like that. My brain is dead this morning so much of the second article went way over my head. I talked to my daughter who is a lab tech, x-ray and something else. Anyway she has worked in research labs too. I asked her about something like this and she said the pharmaceudical companies would not go for something like this because the return on something like this would not be good. But now if we cushies could develop something like this look at how many people we could help. Shall we start our own research lab? Violet

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Has anyone ever heard of this?? It's so hard to get a good midnight draw. . .


Here are the references I could find--all old, but I am interested. Anyone have lab equipment we could play with???






Oh yea, I am a neonatal intensive care nurse, we throw away "old" but perfectly good filter paper for pku tests. I am allowed to take the "expired" ones home if I want. Post me and let me know what to do!!!!




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