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Email I got from MaryO


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Chris, you can post this on the board if you want or send it to invidual people if they ask. If you want, make it a closed topic so that people don't feel like they have to respond.


In case anyone wonders...


I'm going to take a break from the boards for awhile. I can't deal with all my own health issues and the stress of running these Cushing's sites. I can't take the constant criticism and complaints in email, comments on the board about how I should have done this or that and the insults in the InstaChat tonight.


I don't expect everyone to like me but it's starting to seem that more and more people are angry at me for what I don't / can't do for them. Somehow, I'm expected to provide free medical advice, even though I'm not a doctor; get people appointments / referrals to doctors; help them with their medical bills...


I'm just a person - a sick person - just like everyone else.


Recently, I decided to link to news items on the boards instead of formatting them all for the email newsletters. And there were complaints about that the next day. People don't want to be bothered signing up for the boards - they want all the information directly. Easier for them, harder for me. But then, there are complaints if they don't like the posted news.


People are unhappy with so much and they all tell me about it. Newcomers want to be able to search, post pictures and PM / email people. I tell them that they need to post a few times to earn that right and they tell me that they don't want to post, they just want to email or PM so and so.


I recently had a complaint because I named a new bio X4. Person X didn't like having the number 4 after her name and I explained that there were 3 other people with that name. She demanded that I remove the bio. Sigh. You'd think I was her paid employee.


The thing on the InstaChat tonight was about the last straw, though. I need a break from all this for my mental and physical health.



Thanks, Chris! Talk to you soon :)



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