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Novartis Trial

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Novartis Highlights Strong R&D Pipeline, Plans for Multiple New Product Launches and Novel Projects Moving Into Late-stage Trials


(bits & pieces of the press release)


...Late-stage compounds moving into pivotal trials - FTY720 (multiple sclerosis), QAB149 (COPD/asthma), AGO178 (depression), ABF656 (hepatitis C), RAD001 (cancer) and SOM230 (Cushing's disease) ...


...The following compounds are moving into pivotal late-stage trials: FTY720 (fingolimod) for multiple sclerosis, QAB149 (indacaterol) for COPD and asthma, AG0178 (agomelatine) for depression and ABF656 (Albuferon) for hepatitis C as well as RAD001 (everolimus) for cancer and SOM230 (pasireotide) for Cushing's disease. ...


...SOM230 (pasireotide), a next-generation somatostatin analogue therapy, has completed Phase II studies in Cushing's disease, a rare disorder characterized by excessive excretion of the hormone cortisol from a pituitary adenoma (tumor), a condition for which there is no approved medical therapy. Registration studies are set to begin by year end. A registration trial in refractory carcinoid tumors is set to begin in the first quarter of 2007. ...



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