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Sams story

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I was watching another mystery diaginosise sorry can't spell that word. And it was about cushing in a baby and she wasn't diagnosised till she was three, but when they tested her cotisol level which i think the doctor said shouldn't have been more then 15 hers was over 3000 and they admitted her to the hospital. Cause he had to prove that her mother wasn't poisioning her and that her own body was doing it. And it was her body. But as soon as that happened my hubby turned on the xbox good thing I taped it I will finish watching it and tell you all about it.


Me again I didn't know where else to post this.

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  • Chief Cushie

Sam's mom posts here quite regularly. If you search for her posts (samsmom) you can get updates and current pictures on how well Same is doing now :)

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