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Start writing those letters!

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Just a reminder that we all need to get letters out to our representatives and senators in each state to encourage the passing of Cushing's Awareness Day 2007. This can generate a lot of media attention for us, but we all need to write the letters! There is a template here on the site that we can use and personalize, or you can write your own letter, but please remember we need to keep doing this until our presence is noticed! This is something we can all participate in and make a difference!


Oops! sorry for the double post!

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Here's the letter I received back from my representative this morning. So looks like I have more writing to do!



Dear Ms. Loper,




Thank you for contacting me concerning raising awareness about Cushing’s Syndrome. I appreciate your sentiments and suggestions.




Pursuant to your e-mail, I preformed some additional research on this disease. As you are more then well aware, Cushing's Syndrome is a relatively rare disease that commonly affects adults aged 20 to 50. Most researches estimate that between 10 to 15 of every million people are affected each year with this disease. It is largely caused by an excess of cortisol production, a normal hormone produced in adrenal glands located above each kidney. Prior to you e-mail, I was not aware of this disease.




From time to time, the Michigan Legislature will pass Resolutions which raise awareness about different subject matters related to such things as health related issues, Michigan History and state leaders. While these Resolutions do not expend tax dollars on research or educational services for a particular cause or purpose, they do help increase public awareness when media outlets cover the passage of such Resolutions.




Considering your request, I would like look into composing such a Resolution on the subject matter of this disease. In doing so, it would prove to be most helpful if I could have you do a couple things which would assist me in formulating such a Resolution. First, I would like to ask you to document and explain your personal story, detailing how you were diagnosed and perhaps specific information from your doctor detailing the time, place, and medical conditions which helped him diagnose this disease. In addition, if you know any other individuals that have been diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome from northern Michigan, the more information and personal stories that I could gather to use and incorporate into such a Resolution would prove to be most helpful.




While I cannot guarantee that such a Resolution would pass, I would be happy to have something drafted which would help you and others promote and increase public awareness of this disease. Thank you again for bringing this matter to my attention. If you have any specific questions or comments about my request, please be sure to contact my staff direct. I have made Mr. Dan Dundas in my Lansing Office aware of our communications and he would be more than happy to follow up with any inquiries you might have.








Kevin A. Elsenheimer






It's a start!

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