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Endoscopic Removal Of Brain Tumor Through Nose - A Breakthrough In Neuro Surgery

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Endoscopic Removal Of Brain Tumor Through Nose - A Breakthrough In Neuro Surgery


Neuro Surgeons at Wockhardt Hospital Bangalore have pioneered technique of removing a meningioma brain tumor using a endoscope through he nose. The successful removals of this kind of tumor through the nose require exceptional skills.


Source: Wockhardt Hospitals

May 23, 2007 12:14:30


(PRLog.Org) ? Patients who suffer from brain tumor usually need surgery as part of overall management.Conventional approach to brain tumors has been through a craniotomy (making a window on the skull).This form allows the neurosurgeon to adequately visualize the tumor and manipulate the surrounding structures ensuring safe removal. With the advent of minimal access surgery in other parts of the body, there is an increasing tendency to minimize the size of the skull opening or incision.


Endoscpoic neurosurgery involves the insertion of an endoscope, or tiny video camera, through a small incision to treat a range of neurological conditions. The result is

? Faster and simpler procedure

? Reduced post ?operative complications

? Faster recovery

? Less pain and scarring





The endoscopic trans ?nasal approach is performed through the nostrils. A natural passage way exists at the back end of the nose leading into the sphenoid sinus (an air filled cavity in the depth of the skull), which can be enlarged so that the endoscope and instruments can pass into this air filled cavity. From this region the sella turcica is easily accessed, which is the location of pituitary gland. Neurosurgeons use this route normally to remove the tumor from pituitary (the master glad).





The surgery was performed on a 40 year old lady who was detected with a tumor measuring 2 cm which was pressuring her right optic nerve and therefore, threatening her vision. The patient was examined by Dr Rajakumar , Neurosurgeon and his team, and several tests including the MRI were performed. This was a pioneering technique of removing a meningioma (a type of benign brain tumor) using a endoscope through he nose. The successful removals of this kind of tumor through the nose require exceptional skills. This technique has created ripples in the health care community. Generally it is hazardous to perform this surgery without perquisite skill and specialized equipment.


Dr DV Rajakumar has rich experience in the field of neurosurgery and has undergone a clinical fellowship in skull base surgery at Wayne state University, Detroit U.S.A. He has over 17 years of experience as a neurosurgeon. He has completed his neurosurgery training programme from NIMHANS, Bangalore. His areas of interest have been brain tumors, cerebrovascular diseases and spine. His areas of interest have been brain tumors, cerebrovascular diseases and spine. He is one of the very few neurosurgeons to conduct endoscopic brain tumor removal in India. He is developing newer approaches and methods of dealing with complex brain and spine lesions and this is one such example of harnessing skill and technology.


Wockhardt Hospitals Brain and Spine care department is fully equipped with semi ?robotic microscopes neuronavigation facility and with cranial and spinal endoscopy MRI and CT compatible stereotaxy for functional neurosurgery. Minimal invasive instrumentation helps optimize function, maximizes survivorship and accelerates recovery.


Wockhardt Hospital Brain and Spine care offers exceptional care through its interdisciplinary team of leading neurosurgeons, neurologists, otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons ,maxillofacial surgeons, radiation oncologist and interventional radiologists facilitates treatment of complex brain and spine problems.


Wockhardt Brain and spine care team comprises of experienced neurosurgeons like Dr Rajakumar Mch, Dr .K.N. Krishna Mch and neurologists like Dr Udaya Shankar , who are full time consultants .

As an associate hospital of Harvard Medical International,the global arm of Harvard Medical School,Wockhardt?s core nursing practices in the areas of intensive care, operating rooms and ward care have been established by the HMI team. Experts from Harvard periodically conduct training programmes for the medical and paramedical team at Wockhardt Hospitals. This association with Harvard for quality-driven healthcare delivery has enabled Wockhardt Hospitals in Mumbai to earn the distinction of being the first super speciality hospital in South Asia to achieve accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), the international arm of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations, which evaluates the standards of US hospitals. It is amongst 71 hospitals around the world to win this recognition. The accreditation requires a hospital to comply with almost 1,300 measurable standards.



For more information, visit www.wockhardthospitals.com

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When I read things like this, I wonder if we Americans are going to become medical tourists? Can't get it done here or can't afford it here...go somewhere else...and save your life and maybe some money...

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Funny, when I clicked on the links (doctors, program for international patients....) firefox warned that its 'dangerous' and the site collects data.

wow, I have explorer, no warning, I do have a phishing filter.


Maybe it is the direct chat on the website which pops up, no idea actually.


here I will paste the pricelist:

Indicative Costs of Spinal Surgery Packages

Endoscopic Discectomy 8500 USD

Disk replacement Surgery 13500 USD

Spinal decompression 9500 USD

Spinal fusion with Instrumentation 13500 USD

Microlumbar Discectomy 8500 USD

Endoscopic Trans Nasal Brain/Spine Tumor Surgery 9000 USD

Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson' Disease 26500 USD


I think it is expensive for Indian wages though.

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