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I have a Question

Guest Adrienne

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Guest Bonnie

I have a question for you. :question:

How many soda's do you drink each day?  

If the answer is none then you are a health consciousious person. My hat is off to you.  

For those of you that tell me that you drink one or more soda's a day,  than you need to consider the damage that you are doing to your body.  We are trying to get well.  We don't need any more food junk that is working toward making our health worse.

The amount of sodium, the amount of sugar, heavy soft drink consumption may interfere with your body's metabolization of iron & diminish nerve impulse transmissions.  It interferes with your calcium which leads to weak bones.  Sodas may contain but are not required to disclose such ingredients as ethyl alcohol, sodium alginate (possibly hazardous for pregnant women), brominated vegetable oil (found harmful to vital organs of animals & considered a health risk to heavy consumers of beverages containing it) & caffeine.

Beware, if you have Cushing's, a pituitary tumor, certain tumors, kidney disease, adrenal or thyroid or pituitary gland malfunctions, even diabetes, arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, you should avoid All Soda's.  That means none, zilch, no drinkie for us who belong to this chosen group of peoples.  

This is a matter of life or death to some people because by consumption you are promoting your tumor to grow, to do damage to your kidneys, your stomach, your bones, your blood vessel, your heart, you are threatening your very existance by drinking a soda.  One soda may not make you drop death but is the cumulative damage worth it, NOT!!

Cola drinks can interact adversely with antacids, possible causing constipation, calcium loss, hypertension, nausea, vomiting, headaches and kidney damage. Soft drinks can decrease the antibacterial action of penicillin and ampicillin.

Cola drinks contain caramel coloring which, according to some researchers, has genetic effects and is a cancer-causing suspect. Polyethylene glycol is used as an ingredient sometimes. Glycol is used in anti-freeze in automobiles and as an oil solvent.  Perhaps you have noticed that pouring cola drinks on your windshield in a snow or ice storm will keep the windshield from freezing over with ice. "Cancer is like a plant cell; it can't live in an oxygen-rich environment. Cola drinks make our bodies poor in oxygen.

Cola's contain phosphoric acid, citrus drinks contain citric acid.  What is phosphoric acid? It is used in agricultural fertilizers, detergent additives, cleaners, insecticide production, pharmaceuticals, cattle feed additives & cola soda's.  Is the mineral phosphorus a essential nutrient in our diet? How much is needed in our diet, what other sources of food do we get it from? Milk products, meats & grains, I wonder if this is related to the cattle feed?  So we add certain chemicals, we have cleaners, we add certain other chemicals & we have ethyl alcohol or Ethanol, in Iowa they sell it as fuel better known as gasoline, we add other chemicals & we have soda, in the corn & flour businesses it is a preservative, in our soda's it is a preservative also.  Remember that everything that is in the grocery store isn't meant for every human to be able to consume.  Read labels carefully. Keeping a journal will help you to notice patterns of symptoms.


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Well Bonnie I agree. Because the my horrible diarrhea, I am forced to drink pedialyte, gatorade and lots and lots of bottled water.

When I am REALLY nauseous as I often am, I may have a half a can of ginger ale. Thats about it! I sed to drink colas but lets face it is that really smart with the big D goin' on? Not for me!


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Guest Melody

Hi Bonnie,

Thank you for all of the information. Thankfully, I am not an avid soda drinker because after reading that, I would definitely think twice! Water is the beverage of choice and we should all drink as much of it as we can.

And as Cushie's, the last thing that any of us need is caffeine, which is a stimulant.

And, Bonnie, you are so right saying that not all things in the grocery store are meant for human consumption. After doing a lot of research, we have been homecooking for our dogs for several years-once you learn what is in commercial pet food, you can't feed it to a pet that you truly love.

God bless,

Melody :)

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As a sales rep for a juice company, I suggest you drink LOTS of my juice:  Tree Top and the store brand orange juices (refrigerated only).   Don't drink the Minute Maid or Tropicana..only store brand.  Just kidding but I thought I'd get my plug in where I can :)

I rarely drink soda but I do drink a lot of coffee.  I've been trying to wean myself down from 20 oz a day to 16.  I'm successful most days.  I also love iced tea and always have a pitcher of that in the house.  I am an avid water drinker and probably put away 40 oz of that a day, also.

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Guest KarenH


This will sure make you thnk twice before drinking another soda.  I do drink mostly water or iced tea but sometimes I do have a soda but I really don't think that I will now.

I need to show this to my husband, he drinks WAY TOO MUCH

soda. I am always harping on him to drink more water.


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i have a confession.

i drink at least 3 glasses of sprite,o etc. a day.

i know it's bad for you,but it's like i'm addicted,how would i get out of addiction.

any suggestions?

i am 11 years old.

i don't suffer from cushings,but my mother does.

i know that it is still harmful,though to drink sodas,even if you don't have a illness,but i've heard when you get older,that your bones deteriorate,could that be true?




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I already knew that colas were bad, I found this out from my search when I first found out I had fibromyalgia. Also, the dietician I used to have would say, which would you rather have for a snack a cola which contains nothing but empty calories or would you rather have something real to eat. So, I try to drink water, juice, milk.


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Guest Simone

LOL Shauna you are too funny.On the other hand I Um I kinda know I drink way to much soda.I refuse to say how much.Im seriously considering stopping though.None though whoa man.Eek.OK.Its my only vice though.With asthma though I should drink lots and lots of water blah.Thanks for the info.I think Im actually working my way toward quitting.I know Im not to coherent on this topic.


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