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Cushing's woman fined for parking too long

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QEH parking fine anger


A DISABLED Sutton Bridge woman has slammed a 20-minute waiting restriction imposed on some parking bays at the front of Lynn's Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


Loris Damon (62), who suffers from an illness that leaves her breathless and unable to walk far, faces a ?40 penalty for leaving her Skoda car in a parking space near the hospital's accident and emergency unit for more than 20 minutes.


She appealed against the fine to County Parking Enforcement Agency, pointing out that she suffers from Cushing's Disease, a pituitary gland problem that has caused her weight to rocket, weakened her muscles and put her in danger of collapse if she walks too far.


She explained that she was alone that day, had nobody to move the car for her and could not walk the uphill distance from the main car park because of her condition. She also pointed out that she was admitted to the hospital all day for blood tests related to her illness.


But the agency turned down her appeal because signs at the car park stated it was a dropping off point with a maximum 20-minute wait, that enforcement included disabled badge holders like herself and also drew users' attention to the terms and conditions.


Mrs Damon, of 26 Two Sisters Close, was stunned to find the parking penalty on her car when she came out at 4.45pm on May 30 as she had not seen any signs about 20-minute waiting. And a month previously she had parked there for longer than that without any problem.


"I think it's a ridiculous restriction to have 20 minutes for disabled people ? the average person takes longer than

that," she said.


"There were three empty bays when I went out and they were not full when I parked there that morning, so it's not as though they have a problem with a limited number of them."


She added: "I feel that this parking penalty cannot be taken from a person on disability benefits ? it amounts to a week's income for me and would cause great hardship."


A hospital spokesman said the 20-minute bays near the A&E department were for people dropping someone off there or rushing in quickly with them, and were clearly signed. Marked disabled bays were provided between the main entrance and the rehabilitation department further along.


He said porters could help anyone with problems walking distance or suffering from breathlessness by taking a wheelchair to the main car park and pushing them back, or parking the vehicle for them. They could be contacted in advance on 01553 613613.


Last Updated: 27 July 2007 11:59 AM

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Mary, thanks for posting. This is a great example of the daily life struggle that occurs with Cushings.

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Ive faced this problem before, I did have some other guy park the car, but that always scares me, having someone else drive car. They dont set up hospitals very easily for the disabled, they are hard to get around, consider that one..you think theyd set up these places so sick people could get easily in and out.


If you cant walk, the hospital is one of the worse places to be, now they are better about big wheelchairs for fat people but what if you do if youre there alone?


im fortunate to have a husband driving me around.....


sigh..I think they should drop the fine, she couldnt have parked in the prpper place.

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why was this woman not informed of the parking attendance ? why was she not told of the closer parking spots... seems the administration has some questions they need to answer.


one more pathetic example of how we treat each other.


kindness and smiles dont cost a thing.



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