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I just wanted everyone to know that I ordered the new t-shirts that say "Got Hump". It is strategically placed right across the chest which I thought was funny. My husband walked in and said you mean "Got Humps". I mean after all that is one place you also gain weight. So it is a very noticable t-shirt. Make sure it has a ribbon on the back and if you have long hair wear it up, so people won't be afraid to ask you about it. My parents had raised eyebrows when they first saw it, until I showed the ribbon and explained it was to get awareness out about cushings.


I really like mine. I got the buy 3 get 1 free. It was only $55 shipping included. If you order please note that it has an area that says if it is a tight fitting shirt and to get a larger size in those if you want it looser.



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I remembered seeing this shirt somewhere for sale a long time ago and have searched for months and can't find them anywhere! Where did you order them from? There is just a lack of cushings merchandise out there and I want some!! Lol

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We used to have the Got Hump tshirts but so few people ordered them that they were discontinued. :(


There are still several other styles and lots of other products at http://www.cafepress.com/cushingshelp (just tshirts at http://www.cafepress.com/cushingshelp/s__t-shirts-clothing ) - including one that needs to be re-done. It looks like the image became corrupted somehow :(


Every now and then when I look at the expenses for these sites, I think about taking this store down. It costs w-a-y more per year than it's worth.

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