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Dr. L's Research/Article, Dr. Vance's Response, Dr. L's Rebuttal

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I have read both articles now and this recent article about cyclical Cushing's. I have one problem with that article. It mentions the CRH/DEX test distinguishing Cushing's from psuedo Cushing's. Both Dr.F. and Dr. L. mentioned that many people with Cushing's still fail that test ( not proving Cushing's). Many people on this board have had that test and failed it but they had proven Cushing's. In that article it even mentioned that the CRH/DEX test is becoming a good first screening tool for Cushing's. That is great is people pass the test, they can move forward and not need all the other testing. However, if you fail that test, it doesn't mean you don't have Cushing's. I don't like the fact that so much emphasis is put on one test.

My two cents worth.

Kate G


Katie Kate! How are you, girlfriend?


In Dr. F's paper, which will be submitted next month, he mentions that only 1/3 of people with proven Cushing's pass that test.


I think the release of this paper is going to be a MAJOR TURNING POINT -- WOO HOO!!!! :D


The diagnostic protocol for people with suspected mild or episodic Cushing's is going to be veddy veddy different than the Old School of Thought. And Dr. Vance may put some weight on the study once it's published. Or one can hope.


I think we're going to be seeing history in the making, my friends!!!

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Katie, Kate, Kate,

I'm ok. I am very happy to read about this new article about that test. I am not happy I failed that test since I am still in limbo and wouldn't be if I passed that test. This new article sounds promising, that maybe some endos will take notice. I fall into the 2/3 that fail the test and I am not sure if I will ever pass that test. I am excited to read this new article.

Kate, it is nice to see you posting and I hope you are doing well.

Kate G

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Melly, when I saw her she recommended bariatric surgery and anti-depressants. In her defense, she has helped quite a few florid patients. She just does not recognize cyclical cushings. I asked her to her face, and she said she did not. But she signed off on this article: Diagnosis and Complications of Cushing?s Syndrome: A Consensus Statement

Hugs, Robin


Well I know of someone else who has signed off on that article and has also dismissed the idea of cyclical (for me anyway). So I wonder why they bother putting their names to things that they don't actually follow? Maybe its just a case of wanting their names in the scientific literature as much as possible. Just a way of adding to their all ready oversized egos....meanwhile, lots of us are dismissed and continue to suffer...


Yours bitterly,

Caroline x


PS I can't wait for that new article by Dr F!

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Okay, I want to backtrack and in honor of Amber and the other florid cases, hats off to Dr. Vance for helping Cushing's patients who are florid.


Not necessary Kate...you are entitled to your opinions...and Am and I both agree that she needs to pick a side and stay on it (nothing worse than someone who preaches convictions only to be found to ride the fence...if you believe something believe it...don't go back and forth..makes you lose credibility in our book!)...LOL...hopefully as soon as the new information is published maybe she'll side with the obvious choice of acknowleging cyclic Cushings and develop a better set of testing standards at UVA for cyclers....


Wonder if she only 'believes' in florid cases since her 'remission' rate would be much higher than if she took the chance and dx'd some cyclers (who we all know are harded to treat surgically)....dunno..just a thought...


Anyway...we're glad she helped Amber and those others she's dx'd...and wish she'd jump on the bandwagon of the new ideas that Cushings' is cyclic before becoming florid...save a bunch of physiological damage if she would...


Hugs to all,

Tami and AMber

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