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Susan in Oregon

Guest Sandy

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I'm sorry, but I couldn't add to your topic "help me make sense of everything....please" as I am hoping that by starting a topic addressed to you...will at least perk your interest enough to read it.

What Handi posted about the endocrine system is correct.  It is the study of glands and the hormones they produce that control all human functions.  Very well written, Handi.  I liked it very much!!!!  

There are many, many glands and hormones...and all it takes is for ONE to be out of sync and the rest of them are going to at one point or another be out of sync, too. There are studies being done almost continuously on these diseases, including Fibromyalgia.  

Yes, once you are diagnosed with one of these diseases, it makes it very hard to get a doctor to continue to look for another one....but a lot of them DO overlap, and the occurance of one CAN bring about others, simply because of the hormones balance in not in sync.  And I like what one doctor says....just because a test might show that certain hormones read within the norm for that test...does not mean that once it's in the bloodstream that your body utilizes it to the fullest.  We need doctors to treat people not just tests results.  

And those of us in recovery...just because you've had your surgery, it does not simply follow that all hormones are going to be in the normal range just because the cortisol is now normal...  I personally believe that some of these hormones might need a 'kick-start' to be corrected and I also believe that some of them will never be in the normal ranges again...simply because of what Cushings takes away from you.  This is just my theory!!!!!

Anyhow, Susan, please stay...

Sometimes a conversation does become a "sounding board" I guess, or maybe I should say a "sounding off board".  

I'm sorry you experienced this, but NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE here would want you to leave.

This is basically a great bunch of people...and we truly do care for each other.

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Hi Sue

Also wanted to add:

Stress = High Cortisol = Hell!!!

Lets all sit back and breath...you know visualize the cortisol level moving down down down....and if that doesn't work a good bottle of red, candle light and Brad Pitt works well too...


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Guest Susan OR

Thank You SuziQ for asking me to stay.  I agree with what you said. The ONLY thing that I didn't agree with was that Fibro wasn't real and that it wasn't a legitimate dx.  That was it..that was all I didn't agree with.  I'm sincerely sorry that it caused such a problem.


Brad Pitt and wine...Yes!  Now we are speaking the same language!!  mmmmmmm.....LOL.

Take Care,

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Guest Handiman

Hi Susan,

It sounds like you have read about Dr. John C. Lowe But just incase you have not here is his site:


What We Know About Fibromyalgia!



Cause Of Fibromyalgia



Finds Most Patients Feel Better with Addition of T3, Not Levothyroxine (i.e., Synthroid) Alone!!!



this help! if you would like more just ask, I have plenty!
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