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Naked-mole rat like creature invulnerable to pain.


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This is different, but on Extreme Makeover, there was a little girl who couldn't feel pain or regulate her body temperature. Any time she fell or bumped anything, she had to be seen by a doctor to make sure there were no bad injuries. She had to be in 62* temperature all the time.


So, I used to think it would be great to not feel pain - but not like this little girl. I'd like to be like the mole

rat, though!!


This is interesting. Thanks for posting it.


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Wow...crazy critters!!!


On the pain thing---my sister suffers from Fibromyalgia---and wouldn't it be wonderful if there was something that could alleviate some of the pain without the heavy pain killers. Before she was correctly diagnosed, she and her doctors tried everything including oxycontin for the unbearable pain.

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