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February 19th in NYC

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The theme of the symposium is on the developing relationships between the stress response, mood and metabolic and neurological disorders. Mary Dallman will provide an overview of the hypothalamic-pituitary "stress" axis (HPA) and the regulation of feeding and stress responses. She will also talk about how obesity develops when energy signals from peripheral organs are disrupted. Dr. Carlos Forray will explore the role of MCH peptide the control of feeding and mood, and industry progress in developing drugs that block the MCH1 receptor. The role of another neuropeptide, bombesin, will be further explored by Zul Merali, and he will discuss the causal effects of immune system activation on depression. Alexandros Vgontzas will extend the discussion explaining how circadian dysregulation of cytokines – in the context of the nutritional status - can affect sleep and contribute to daytime fatigue. Next, we will examine the role of HPA dysfunction in neurodegenerative disorders:Dr. Sonia Lupien will discuss the multiple effects of stress hormones on the function of the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain. Finally, Dr Frank LaFerla will describe his recent data suggesting a role for HPA axis dysfunction in the pathology of Alzheimer?s Disease.


I sure would like to hear this. I wonder if they'd share info with us, though?

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