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Reporter makes marathon effort after lifesaving operation

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Reporter makes marathon effort after lifesaving operation

by holdthefrontpage staff


A trainee reporter is taking on the challenge of a lifetime when she runs the London Marathon next month.


Sharon Harris, from Barry and District News in south Wales, underwent neurosurgery four years ago to remove a pituitary tumour from her brain after being diagnosed with Cushings Disease.


Now, the 37-year-old is using her media place in the famous race to raise money for the Pituitary Foundation.


Sharon said: "In December 2003 I could just about manage to walk 2.62 metres, minus walking frame, before crashing onto my hospital bed.


"I had neurosurgery to sort out a pituitary tumour that would, I was told, kill me before I reached 40.


"Recovery was slow, and not always according to plan, but thanks to my current consultant endocrinologists in the Bristol Royal Infirmary I've got to the stage where I'm aiming to complete the 26.2-mile London Marathon.


"My consultant says the human body isn't designed to do 26.2 miles.


"But I'm aiming to complete the course before they pack it all up around me and prove to pituitary patients everywhere that there is life after the tumour and neurosurgery.

Though the condition makes it difficult, you can still chase your dreams and ambitions whatever they are.


"I've always watched the London Marathon on the BBC and my dad ran the second ever marathon. I was totally in awe of him.


"Ever since then I've wanted to follow in his footsteps. I'm confident I will get through it in whatever time."


Sharon, who lives in Cardiff, has previously contributed to the South Wales Echo, Big Issue Cymru and TNT magazine.


She was also a researcher for Rough Guide travel books and worked for Radio Wales, in Cardiff.


She will also be running the Berlin marathon later this year and has so far raised more than ?700.

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Brave lady.... Great to hear..Mind you that's TWO articles in the Brit press this week..the stastics guys in London will be a quivering & firmly holding onto their texty books !!


thanks Robin.


:) That is funny! :)


I'd like to have a text book burning party in my front yard...


Great news story. I've always wanted to do a marathon. Used to love to run... Dream about running now...

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