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Happy Cushings Awarness Day......

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Happy National Cushing's Awareness Day to you!!!


I was so happy! My sister called me this morning to wish me the same. She' so thoughtful. She said she'd listen to the web-cast tonight at 9:00, if her kids got to bed on time.




Cushing's Awareness Advocate

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Cushings Awareness Day has not been adopted here in Canada (yet...), but I'm celebrating with all of you anyway, and making sure everyone I know is aware of it!


Happy CAD to all Cushies and those that love them!




PS: Shouldn't we have some sort of ritual for our special day? Let's see...Christmas has trees and stockings, Valentines has hearts and chocolates....ummm...Any suggestions?

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Good ol' Harvey has made such a difference in my life, that's for sure! I am so grateful. I have tried to educate my friends & family about this disease as much as I can, but what really amazes me is how many people in the medical field do not know about Cushing's. Over the past year, I have been to many different doctors, and have been asked "What is Cushing's". I had blood drawn just last week & the phlebotomist asked "What is Cushing's?". I had a bone density test, the tech was asking me what Cushing's was. I had a CT scan last week, the X-Ray technician asked "What is Cushing's?". I even had a nurse ask me "What exactly is Cushing's?" I am amazed!!! So, I have made it my goal, in honor of Cushing's Awareness Day, to educate as many people as I can. It's a shame that people in the MEDICAL FIELD don't know what it is! So, every doctor's appointment, every lab, any contact I have with medical personnel....even the receptionists.....I am going to tell them about Cushing's. No telling how many people in the medical field don't really know what Cushing's is, but are too embarassed to ask because they are in the medical field and they realize they SHOULD know what it is. It's embarassing to admit not knowing about a certain disease.


The great thing that happened last week ....when I told the X-Ray tech about Cushing's, she said she had a friend that sounded just like that. She actually asked how to spell it (they always want to spell it like Cushion's) and she wrote it down. I hope her friend gets the help she needs.


So, that's my mission. HAPPY CUSHING'S AWARENESS DAY YA'll!!! :)




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Hi Everyone,

Celebrate Cushings Awareness Day!

I am grateful today for all of you on this site. I would have been LOST had I not found this site.

You all have been there to explain and understand things the doctors could not. I wish there was a site like this for my lung disease (which noone can telme anything about) The site for that is just terrible. The people are not as compassionate and understanding as here. I hope I can contribute to educating people and helping spread the word this is real.

So Bless you all and Thank you Harvey!


Take Care,


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