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Las Vegas

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Hey Chrisy! I've been missing you! I thought your computer must have died again! I don't know of any endos in NV. Hopefully someone else will. CA is not that far from NV. Just a thought. Just a hop, skip, and a jump over the mountain range. Maybe your hubby could "drop you off" there some day. LOL!





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Hi Chrisy,

Anne and I figured out that between us we've seen most endos in Vegas. We both see Dr. F. I'll pm you a few I think could be helpful....at least they allowed me to test. However, they do not believe in cyclical cushings.


Let me know if you are moving to the ol' sin city, maybe we can meet for lunch or something. Also, my grandpa helped build Nellis so we are very proud of that!


melly in nv

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