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New Brain Surgery For Pit Tumors


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Guest motherofc

Brain Surgery For Pituitary Tumors  

April 29, 1999 -- A fully endoscopic procedure now available at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center?s Skull Base Institute is resulting in minimally invasive, highly successful surgery for patients with pituitary tumors and other skull base disorders. According to Hrayr S., M.D., director of the Skull Base Institute, the new procedure utilizes a tiny endoscope ? 2.8mm wide and 20cm long -- with angled tips to provide a panoramic view of the brain. Because the point of entry is through a nostril, there is no scarring, the brain is undisturbed and both the time required for the actual surgical procedure, as well as the overall recovery time are dramatically reduced.



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Just found this thread...my mother has had pit surgery twice with regrowth again.  We've also heard about this surgery at Ceder's, has anyone gone for this procedure?

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I know of a few people who've had this done and it's went very well.  The less invasive, the better in my book.  There's also another surgical technique out there that's called a "stealth" surgery, but I don't have the details on it.  Jess, let me know if you want me to put you in contact with the people I know who've had it done at the Skull Base Institue and Dr. S..

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Has anybody read the Pituitary Patient Bill of Rights ?

I found it on that site. It was absolutely wonderful and made me want to cry my eyes out.

We should have a link to that in a place where everybody can see it.


This is my new mantra !!! ? ?baaa.gif

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