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Trawling for turnarounds

Ceri Jones




Dechra (DPH) hopes that Vetoryl, a treatment for Cushing's disease, and Felimazole, a treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats, will soon be cleared for launch in the US. The second half will benefit from a five-month contribution from VetXX, acquired for ?61 million, which markets veterinary and dietary products and will give the company immediate access to eight European countries...

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I saw my vet just before I left for surgery and she said that Cushing's is fairly common in dogs and horses but very rare in cats.


I keep hearing about these drugs coming out to treat Cushing's but can't seem to find out anything about them, like how do they treat Cushing's? Do they block ACTH or supress the adrenals and do they destroy the liver like the other known drugs? I guess we will know more next year.


Again, grateful for anyone working on anything to do with this awful disease.

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  • Chief Cushie

Ferrets get Cushing's also.


I believe that they give dogs ketokonozole.

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