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Article on High Protien low Carb diets

Guest Lorrie

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Danger! Popular Diet Slammed

Shunning pasta for steak? There may be more sizzle in that diet than substance. The American Heart Association has issued a blunt statement slamming the popular high-protein diets: They make little nutritional sense and they can pose dire health risks. The Dr. Atkins, Zone, Protein Power, and Stillman diets all work on the theory that carbohydrates lead to weight gain. Cut out the carbs, beef up the meat and presto! You're skinny. But that also means cutting out cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat milk products. And THAT is what is so bad for your long-term health. So the AHA issued its advisory in the journal Circulation, warning that these high-protein diets, which are rich in fat and cholesterol, not only can harm your health, but also the weight loss strategies have not been proven to work for the long haul.

Yes, the diets work in the short term. Yes, you will lose weight--maybe even lots of weight. But it won't last. And by eating all that animal fat to the exclusion of other foods, you're putting your health at risk by limiting vitamin and mineral intake and increasing your risk of heart, kidney, bone, and live problems. "This is why the American Heart Association urges most adults to limit fat intake to no more than 30 percent of total daily calories, less than 10 percent of which should be saturated fat," said study author Dr. Robert Eckel in a news release. Proponents say the high-protein diets are misunderstood. After the initial weight loss, dieters are supposed to gradually reintroduce into their diets fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. --Cathryn Conroy

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