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South African Article

Guest Jenn30

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Guest Michelle


As I am a press media monitor I sometimes run across interesting articles.  

This article, however, is very depressing.  It appeared in a small regional newspaper - actually just reporting on the woman's death due to Cushings Syndrome.

It was originally printed in Afrikaans, but I translated it into English - otherwise nobody would understand it!

Interesting to note that according to the article she was diagnosed with Cushings 10 years ago, but her adrenal glands were only removed two weeks prior to her death...

I hope that does not point to the treatment I might be looking forward to if they ever diagnose me....

Meyerton Post 30/05/2001 page 1

Well-known woman dies of Cushing Syndrome

Yvonne Muller

A well-known woman in the Agriculture Union and Botanist circles, Mrs Babs Norval (64) passed away in the Johannesburg General Hospital due to Cushing Syndrome.

This rare illness causes too much cortisone to be excreted in the patients' body and influences, among other things, the functioning of the patients adrenal glands.

According to mrs Norval's daughter, mrs Alta Botes; owner of the Irish Harp restaurant in town, her mother's adrenal glands were removed two weeks prior to her death and the operation was a huge success.

?My mother, however, was already very weakened by the illness from which she has been suffering for years," said mrs Botes.

Mrs Norval was diagnosed with Cushing?s ten years ago.  Apart from the kidneys, her heart was also weakened by the condition.

Mev Norval, together with her husband of 44 years, George, was a resident of Meyerton for the past 50 years.

" My mother was on her happiest when she was able to help her fellow man and could bring some happiness into others? lives.  Since I can remember she has been involved with community organizations,? said Mrs Botes.

According to Mrs Botes her mother?s big passion was flowers.


Besides her long membership to the local Women?s Agriculture Union, she also served on the board of management of the Transvaal Flower Arranging Society and the management body of the Dr. Malan High School.

She was also part of the judge guild of the Flower Arranging Society, appeared as judge of competitions and during the years of her membership of the association, handled hundreds of shows, assessments and competitions.

She is survived by her husband, two daughters a son, six grandchildren and her mother, mrs Aletta Landsberg (85)

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Guest Jenn30

Geez!  That is definitely sobering news.

We can all pray that we find the right doctor that will not patronize us, right?

We must keep on fighting.  Only WE know how are bodies feel, right girls?  If only the doctors we saw lived in our bodies for just one week--I think that we would all be in different places right now (the ones that are going UNdiagnosed)!!!

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