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The Burning Question ? What Causes High Blood Pressure?

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From http://www.worldmedicalguide.com/diseases-...blood-pressure/


The Burning Question ? What Causes High Blood Pressure?


Most people have an idea of what causes high blood pressure and yet they continue to eat, drink and be merry ? often to excess. What they eat ? a diet high in fat and cholesterol and what they drink ? excessive beer, wine and other alcohol along with a sedentary lifestyle can be the trifecta death knell. The question of what causes high blood pressure would best be answered in what does not cause it!


Lifestyle Choices


Succinctly put above, how you live your life is the primary answer to the burning question of what causes high blood pressure. If you think you have a healthy lifestyle, you just might want to get your long overdue yearly physical and get your blood pressure checked. You could be unpleasantly surprised by a high reading during a routine office visit or even suffering an actual heart attack or stroke.


A diet low in fat and cholesterol and high in vitamins and minerals is what you need to turn that health tide in your favor. Cholesterol and fat clog the arteries, making the heart pump harder to get the necessary oxygen to your body. The hard work your heart must put out is a common answer to what causes high blood pressure and overexertion physically can exacerbate the problem.


The physical exertion leads to another lifestyle choice ? exercise ? and the fact that most people are not getting enough of it. You cannot count running around with your kids or walking through the grocery store because these are not routine, every day exercise options. You must create an exercise plan and implement it daily, incorporating strength training, endurance and aerobic activity for maximum benefit because otherwise, you can add your couch potato lifestyle to what causes high blood pressure.


Medications and Other Health Issues


Certain medications ? over the counter, prescribed and even illegal ? can be attributed to what causes high blood pressure. Everyone has different drug tolerances so what works for someone else may not work as well for you. These different reactions to medications contribute to what causes high blood pressure.


Miscellaneous health issues such as kidney disease, adrenal problems like Cushing's disease, diabetes, aortic malformations and even sleep apnea are contributors to what causes high blood pressure. These diseases trigger reactions from the body which kick off events which contribute to high blood pressure. The human body can be an amazing thing and every function feeds off another making for a symbiotic relationship. So as you can see, it is not one particular thing that could answer what causes blood pressure but likely a combination of events.

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