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A doctor who gets it, sorta

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I was about to describe my plan to him when he interrupted me saying, ?I know, Doc, I am overweight. I know that this would just get better if I lost the weight.? He hung his head down as he spoke and fought off tears.


It would be great if you commented to this doctor on his website under this article.




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If anyone is from around the Evans, GA area, I believe this doctor is Dr. Rob Lamberts from there. He's certified in internal medicine and pediatrics. He obviously (by his blog) sees adults.


Just a thought...might be one worth seeing...



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Ya might want to comment again. There is another doctor on there who is saying things like this:


"OK I’m gonna piss some people off here, but its Tough Love, and its what everyones really thinking while they’re nodding sympathetically. Its not your Cushings, your slow BMR, your huddled masses, you eat like pigs, and you don’t exercise. I see you guys (How can we miss you) parking in the handicapped or fire lanes, riding your scooters in the grocery store, complaining that the Family Sized bag of Doritos isn’t big enough. Yeah, I know, keep fooling yourselves, you eat like a bird. Yeah right, some huge f_ _ _ ing flightless bird. I go to this little Mom and Pop Pizzeria for lunch, they used to have a Noon Buffet, but had to discontinue it because of the fatties. You’d see these fat b******s take an entire pizza and think it was OK since they had a salad on top of it, and complain that the place didn’t stuff the crust with cheese like Pizza Hut does. I see 2 year old kids who’s BMI doesn’t fit on the page.. So go ahead, have another slice of Cheese Cake, get your 2 am fasting (who am I kidding) random ACTH/Melatonin levels checked. Why run some windsprints when you can get your intestines bypassed"

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Oh boy.


High cortisol causes anorexia people.


I can't even read more than two sentences of that

paragraph without getting rampid pissed, Robin.


I did see something about 'eating like birds'

and if this guy had any clue what he was saying,

he'd know that that expression is actually funny

because birds eat a TON for their body weight.

The expression 'eating like a bird' therefore

means 'eating like a pig' so to speak.


It took me three years (04 to 07)to realize. . . oh wow,

I havent been eating really. Maybe I have relapsed

though I have gained 40 to 50 lbs doing so.

I was simply not hungry for most of my Cushing's years.

It was nothing like my little trip down anorexia road as a teen

that was truly all about obsession.


I'm not saying that I'm oh so healthy. . .when I went without an appetite

and failed to realize what I was doing for a long time. . .

I'm just saying when I do eat and really focus

on my nutrition and having to be ultra aware

because its so easy for me to just forget about food. ..

I eat very healthy. Everyone who knows me in any real way

would testify for that.

I do enjoy my occasional chocolate and such because

I'm not going to go psychotic only eating fruits and veggies

obsessive because that is not good for my mental health. . .

but I am somewhat of a health nut.


I'm pissed now.


Thanks, Robin.


I'm just kididng, I think it's funny actually how stupid and ignorant people are.


All the kids I used to work with were always saying how 'healthy'

Nicole is and how she always eats so healthy. "Nic, come to the park with us

pleeeeeaaaase. . .you're the only staff member who is not lazy" Of course

they didnt know I can't even physically take them running because I'm too winded

from Cushing's. . . .but. .. .

psssh, people piss me off who think weight and eating and exercise habits always

go hand in hand.

If that were the case, some of the skinniest people I know would be overly obese.


Rant officially over for the time being.


I'm going to read the good article when I get the chance,

it might help even out this bitterness I now feel.





It's not your Cushings.




Sorry, that is just too dang funny and classic.


Nothing to do with that dang tumor in our heads. . .

all the stereotypical cushing's symptoms that

other overweight people don't get. . .

yeah, must be our lifestyles. . .

keep telling yourselves that, idiots.


Live in my body for a day and then get back with us

on if you still believe those theories, right?


Robin, you're all over all the latest articles and such.

You rock.

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Ok, I'm just beginning this article

but it is officially cool for quoting my

little Fiona's


"He said it's all in your head,

and I said so's everything,

but he didn't get it"

.. .........


I really liked this article Robin and how

the author talks about shame.

Shame was the reason I did not seek help

for all these crazy and gross symptoms going

on with my body until four years down the road.

I knew whatever was going on was not normal

and I was incredibly ashamed over my skin thinning.

. . .which was the major thing that kept me out of drs.


It sounds odd but I also just thought it was 'me'

and that I was just 'weird' and 'different'/

Obviously all these symptoms were medical but

that somehow did not register in my head.


In truth, if I would have went to a dr. in 05, any idiot

pcp would most likely have said "Cushing's" and had

me go to an endo. Truly. It was very very obvious in 05.


Anyhow, I think this article was really good.


I have shame over my BMI but know there is not a thing

I can do about it. . .because I exercise any time my pain and energy

levels permit. . and I simply cannot gain muscle back while cortisol

is still attacking it.


I thought it was interesting what the dr said about never hearing

about the disc problem going along with obesity. . .being a health

complication of obesity.


I'm lucky to have a decent PCP who has never once questioned me

about Cushing's and has actually said there is no other reason

someone my size would have all these weird things going on and have

gallstones for that matter.


I've been pretty lucky to get right off to F. the second I dared

enough to figure things out and heard the word "Cushing's" .

The second I walked into a PCP here before LA and showed them some striae

they gave me a 24 hour UFC jug.


So its quite silly that I put this off for so many years and I could have saved

a lot of skin, actually, if it weren't for this stupid thing I have called: Shame.


Shame hit the second I started getting really winded in dance in 03/04 and

my breasts were tender and growing.


It's just ridiculous to put off help over something like shame, but I bet

it happens all the time.


Now, jump back to Fiona, sorry . .. I'm on one tonight. . . .

I'm aware this is Robin's post not Nicole's. . ..


but just FYI:

This is how little common sense I have:


I know of a whole bunch of songs that are about anorexia.

When I say this, I mean, songs that no one else would ever guess

are about anorexia. People typically write about it (and I used to as well

back in my adolescent days) as though it is a person. Whenever I have

thought "This song is about anorexia or an eating disorder" I have always

found out down the road sometime, that in fact, it truly is.


I also have this strange thing where I can spot someone who has been through

an eating disorder pretty quick. Has nothing to do with body shape or size or anything.

It's just this vibe I get. I've never suspected someone had recovered from an ED

and been wrong about it. It's just this weird thing, sort of like how you can spot a dancer

by how they present themselves and how they walk. Anyhow. .. .


That being said, I have always liked Fiona Apple but didnt own any of her cds

until the past two years.

I always had this theory that she had been through anorexia and I just found

out a few months ago that I was right.


Funny thing is though. .. .I'd never have guessed her Paper Bag song

that full on says

"Hunger hurts, but starving works"

and "He said it's all your head and I said so's everything, but he didnt get it"

was about anorexia.



Guess it's just too straight forward for me.

I didn't realize she was being literal.


I'm used to reading between the lines or something.


Oh boy. . .Nicole has no common sense. I really thought she was being metaphorical.


Ok, now that I have revealed how dense I can be at times. . . I will stop rambling.


Just a random fact about the song that was quoted though.


Thanks again for sharing, Robin. You're fabulous, as always.




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Hi, Nic...


As you can tell, I'm not great with the music and left off who sang that song. Regardless of what the song was meant to be about, all of us (when hearing it) put it into our own perspective. To me, it spoke more about Cushing's. You know?





All: Please take a moment to respond to that idiot who posted on the good doctor's blog with his take on obesity. It made me mad!!


There are several prominent, well-read doctor's blogs that we really could target and comment on with some good impact, I think, as long as we are courteous and factual.




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Yeah, I know, Robin. I don't know why I went off on that unrelated tangent.


That quote really screams Cushing's to me and the whole song actually does

in a strange way, even though I know what it's actually written about.

... . now. I didn't until just recently.

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The IRONY!!! :spudnikhurler::P






(HOUSTON, Texas) - Vernon Albert Richardson III has been sentenced to 24 months imprisonment for one count of tax evasion, United States Attorney Don DeGabrielle announced today. U.S. District Judge Nancy Atlas also ordered him to pay restitution to the United States in the amount of $151,512.12.


Richardson previously pleaded guilty to one count of tax evasion on his 2003 U.S. individual income tax return, in violation of Title 26, United States Code, Section 7201. In the signed plea agreement filed in the record of the case, Richardson admitted he sold illegal steroids for profit from 2000 through 2003 and failed to report the profit from his steroid sales on his income tax returns filed for those years. Richardson admitted that some of the money he received from the sales of steroids included approximately 98 wire transfers of funds in 2000 to Richardson?s alias name of ?Frank Drackman.? Richardson admitted in the plea agreement that the total taxable income he failed to report for the four year period was approximately $471,386.68 and that the total amount of income taxes he evaded for the four-year period was approximately $151,512.12.


This case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles J. Escher and was investigated by IRS Criminal Investigation.


Quoted directly from:



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Great work Debra! I told Dh last night I was going to make it a priority to find out who this guy was mess up his life by writinhg to everyone in his practice... hospital... every ethic board created for physicians.


thanks dear, looks like he's messed up his own life. lol

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It's not even worth posting to that Drackman guy. I can't believe he's really even a doctor. I actually went over to check out his blog and his posts were unbelievable. If there is a way to find out where this guy practices, maybe we could get him in big trouble. He talks about how he hates, radiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, oncologists etc etc and goes on to say why. WTH is this guy a doctor IF he really is?!?!?! He definitely needs to be booted out if he is, cuz no patient should have to see him. He is why the medical community is the way it is. :spudnikhurler:

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Frank Drackman is a nut case

It is scary that he is touching anybody in any way shape or form.

I'm now wondering how many *so called* doctors have had that attitude when they saw me.

I read a small peice of his blog until I was grossed out. Lets just say I sure hope none of that happened when I was intubated when I was AWAKE!

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This guy is a big problem if he is in the medical profession, but then I am sure there are many just like him. That is why I had to fly 2000 miles to see a good doctor. I am not morbidly obese....yet. But I am sure given time it will get there as I seem to have no control over my weight. The funny thing is that the local docs that I suggested Cushings to didn't think I had it because I am not morbidly obese.....yet. I guess I am supposed to wait until I am and then get tested? I don't think so. Why does any doctor automatically thing that if you are overweight then you have a package of oreos in your hands at all times? Actually my appetite is not that great and I really really don't eat that much, Geez I am the diet queen could drop ten pounds (which is the most I ever gained at one time and was usually from vacation) in two weeks and keep it off before. I have told the docs that if it weren't for the fatigue (saying it is not cushings) then I could get rid of the weight, but the fatigue is debilitating, it is hard to just get up in the morning, staying up is harder. If they could figure out the cause of the fatigue and fix it then I could lose the weight myself. I was not tested for anything just thrown BP meds, cholesterol meds, anti-depressants, glucose meds, etc. By the way I have stopped taking all of them as I am now in the process of testing with Dr. L. Why doesn't the medical profression check in to rapid weight gain, all of the sudden high blood presure/high cholesterol, high triglycerides, insulin resistance as related to something other than oreos? How many people are walking around out there who are morbidly obese or obese but not morbidly...yet that are being ignored like I was? How many actually have an underlying condition that no one is checking in to? Many and I would really like to give these docs a piece of my mind.

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