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Katie's interview last Thursday

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I am so behind in things and I'm so sorry I didn't put up the promo here, although I got it up elsewhere around the site.


I'm so sorry posting this slipped my mind :fear:


Katie's interview is up on the Podcast page of this site, BlogTalkRadio, the CushingsHelp Podcast or through iTunes Podcasts


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Listen as Mary O'Connor (MaryO) hosted an interview with Katie


Katie's short bio: Symptoms started in 2002 at age 22, or before.


Jan. 2008 - 2 mm. area of differential enhancement on right pituitary and 11 mm. pineal cyst identified by MRI


Jan. 2008 - DX - hypothalamic amenorrhea


Mar. 2008 - DX - pituitary adenoma, hypogonadism - female


Katie will be an officer in the upcoming Cushing's Help Organization


Listen to Katie's Interview on July 24, 2008


Keywords: acne, acromegaly, adenoma, anxiety attacks, asthma, breathing, cortisol, Cushing's, hair, hormones, incidentaloma, meds, MRI, neurosurgeon, pituitary, pineal cyst, prolactinoma, Provera, thyroid, tumor, weight


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