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Depression Study at University of Wisconsin-Madison

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I found this first referenced on Craigslist-Madison, of all places!



The UW Department of Psychiatry is recruiting individuals currently experiencing depression for a research study investigating brain changes that occur while taking hydrocortisone (which is identical to the hormone cortisol) or a placebo. Eligible participants will be ages 18-60, in good health and not currently receiving medication for depression. Brain activity will be measured using a brain scanning technique (fMRI). This study will involve five sessions including two brain scans. All clinic visits and procedures associated with the research are provided at no cost. Subjects may be compensated up to $300 for completion of the study.


Symptoms of depression include:

- Fatigue

- Noticeable Change in Appetite

- Feelings of guilt

- Difficulty concentrating

- Difficulty sleeping

- Sadness

- Lack of enjoyment for things you used to enjoy


If you answered ?yes? to most of the above symptoms, you may be eligible to participate.


For more information: Please call 608-206-0589 or email emotionlab@psych.wisc.edu to learn more about the study.


Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics

University of Wisconsin

6001 Research Park Blvd.

Madison, WI 53719

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I just wanted to add:


I found this interesting because elevated cortisol, I thought anyway, was shown to contribute to depression, psychosis, mood swings, anxiety, etc?? So, then, why give it to patients who are already depressed? To drive them out of their skulls?


I would be curious to see what publishable results they have from this, though, if any...

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My first thought was "They're going to give them hydro!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Maybe they should give them an endo workup instead!! I too would be curious what they find from this.




LOL - yanno, Judy, when I saw the title I was thinking, "Hmm, since I'm currently unmedicated, maybe I could sign up for a study?"


Then, I read the description, and broke out laughing! Yeahhhh...I suspect I have high cortisol, so let them pump me with even more of the stuff...??!!??

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Maybe all the beer bellies up there aren't due to the beer---but hydrocortisone?

Are you thinking of applying?

They have to have a "control group", and then they have to have the "lab rat group"---maybe you could be the "wild card group"??? They could see how you are compared to the others.

Or maybe they'll listen to your story and get you into another study?

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