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Missed Periods in Young Women an Osteoporosis Ris

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Here is an article citing the importance of missed periods.




"According to the results, most women with the disease may overlook missed menstrual periods as being medically important, thus delaying the diagnosis of premature ovarian failure and treatment to prevent bone thinning."



SOURCE: Obstetrics & Gynecology 2002;99:720-725

Volume 99 / Number 5 / May 2002

Meeting the Needs of Young Women With Secondary Amenorrhea and Spontaneous Premature Ovarian Failure

More aggressive evaluation of young women with secondary amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea might help them avoid bone loss related to estrogen deficiency.

Nahrain H. Alzubaidi, Heather L. Chapin, Vien H. Vanderhoof, Karim Anton Calis, Lawrence M. Nelson

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