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Hirsutism in a Fifty-Eight-Year-Old Woman.


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  • Chief Cushie

Original Article


Fulltext | PDF (271 K) Hirsutism in a Fifty-Eight-Year-Old Woman.

Case Report


Endocrinologist. 18(5):216-218, September/October 2008.

Nair, Preetha MD; Bhatia, Vishal MD Abstract:

Hirsutism is the presence of excess terminal hair in females in a male-like pattern. Although there are several causes of hirsutism, androgen-secreting ovarian tumors are presumed to be a rare cause of hirsutism. Here we submit the case report of a female who presented with hirsutism and was eventually found to have an ovarian tumor secreting androgen.


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  • Chief Cushie

That happens sometimes with medical news items - they're usually for doctors who do want to buy them. I guess if a patient is really interested, s/he might want to buy the article, too.

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