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Jamaican Boy with Cushing's


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From http://www.jamaica-star.com/thestar/20080926/news/news8.html


Kimoni Harris, Staff Reporter


Chavel Waller has not led a normal life for the last three years.


Waller, 12, who attends the John Mills Primary and Junior High, was diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome, a hormonal disorder caused by prolonged exposure of the body's tissues to high levels of the hormone cortisol.


Cortisol performs vital tasks in the body. It helps maintain blood pressure and cardiovascular function. The disease prevents Waller from standing on his own.


Persons suffering from depression, alcoholism, malnutrition and panic disorders also have increased cortisol levels.


When his mother Diane Style visited THE STAR, she said Waller, who is her third child, was diagnosed with the disease about three years ago while he stayed with his father.


Style said it was when she visited his father's house, she realised that her son could not stand on his own.


"I asked him (the father) over and over what happened, what is wrong with Chavel. All now him nuh answer," she said.


Still optimistic


Style said the doctors at the Bustamante Hospital for Children have concluded that Waller will soon become immobile. His mother, however, does not believe this. "I don't know what they mean him caan get better. He was born a healthy child and I want some other doctors to look at him.


Style is appealing for help as Waller has become disruptive in class.


"He will beat up the other kids and get in fights all time. I asked why he was misbehaving and he said he's tired of the sickness and he is feeling pain all the time. I asking that anyone who can help me to buy a walker and a pair of surgical boots for him. The walker will help him to move around and more than anything else, I wish he could go to The Mico Care Centre where I know he would be taken care of properly."


Anyone wishing to assist Chavel Waller can contact his mother at 504-5922.

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