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Thursday, Interview with Susan M


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Susan (SusanM), October 9, 2008. 7:30PM


Join us as Mary O'Connor (MaryO) and Robin Smith (staticnrg) interview long time Cushing's patient Susan (SusanM).


Susan writes:

As you may have read in my other post, I retired from a 28-year career at a major health insurance company (one of the big five) on March 31. 2008. I am happy with this achievement, however, much more proud of the actions I took to reach that achievement. Why so? For 27 of those 28 years, I had faced Cushings and we all know what difficulty that may bring.


In 2003, I had the pit surgery and became quite ill in 2004. It wasn't until November, of 2005 that I had the BLA which brought about some relief. During all of this, I worked full time consistently until 2004 when I had to take some time off of work. I was GH deficient and had the episode of congestive heart failure.


Once back at work, I applied for a work accommodation to work at home on Monday and Friday under the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was granted and I was provided with a full computer set up at home as well as the one at work. This made a great difference in my being able to work or not. Not driving the 26 miles each way to work as well as being at home continued my work.


Another thing I did was to work with my PCP to be accepted into the Physical Rehab at the local hospital. It provided medically-monitored exercise (up to 5 days a week) and my muscles recovered well during this time. I had difficulty with shortness of breath due to the weak muscles around my lungs and this was a positive step to correct that situation.


What else did I do to keep myself working during this timeframe? I worked incredibly hard on achieving a positive mental attitude! I meditated, performed self-hypnosis, and found a support system that worked for me. This foundation made the better days better and difficult days a bit less difficult.


Can someone with Cushings continue working? In my opinion, YES. What it takes, however, is the drive to keep going and a bundle of enthusiasm. I became an expert at 'hiding' this disease at work, but knew that the weekends were going to be 'horizontal' (on the sofa). I wasn't ok with letting my house chores go, but I did. Today, I am able to do them a bit at a time and am so grateful.


If anyone wants to chat on this topic, let me know and I will be glad to help you think through options that may be helpful to you.


Take Care.

Location : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/CushingsHelp

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Thanks for the reminder, Mary! I look forward to the interview and questions that folks may have! Let's get those calls coming on Thursday evening! :spudnikwaving:

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