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Subclinical Cushing?s syndrome is a potential cause of metabolic dementia and rapidly progressive Alzheimer-type dementia


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Subclinical Cushing's syndrome is a potential cause of metabolic dementia and rapidly progressive Alzheimer-type dementia


Sibel Guldikena, REcor.gif, REemail.gif and Baburhan Guldikenb


aDepartment of Endocrinology, Trakya University, Medical Faculty, Edirne 22030, Turkey bDepartment of Neurology, Trakya University, Medical Faculty, Edirne, Turkey

Received 29 May 2008; accepted 30 May 2008. Available online 17 September 2008.





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Excess of glucocorticoid hormones are found to exert deleterious effects on the structure and function of central nervous system, especially the hippocampus. This is manifested as mental and mood changes in Cushing syndrome. Subclinical Cushing's syndrome (SCS) is much more prevalent than Cushing's syndrome, and presents with increased plasma cortisol levels, but lack of the cardinal manifestations of Cushing's syndrome. In dementia, the impairment of hypothalamic?pituitary?adrenal axis has been shown, and hypercortisolism has been accused for rapidly progressive cognitive decline in Alzheimer disease. We hypothesized that SCS may cause metabolic dementia, and should be searched in case of rapidly progressive dementia of Alzheimer type.

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I don't have a confirmed family connection to trace my Cushings back to (although I think I know which side it came from), and the part that I think has been carrying it, my aunt has Alzhimers. I remember she used to say all of the time "I don't know what it is, but we've all got it!".


I hope the medical community takes the findings seriously from this study. Wasn't there another article on the boards about a Parkinson's, Cushings connection? I guess all brain related diseases go back to the HPA axis being thrown off.

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