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The Anderson Network's "Ask the Expert" message board will be taking questions regarding bone health June 2 through June 6. Dr. Rena Sellin will be available to answer your questions about osteoporosis and other bone health issues. To submit questions, log on the message board at www.mdanderson.org/asktheexpert. Please note that the board will only be open for questions this week but past topics are archived and available to read.


The questions are probably geared to bone health after Cancer, but I don't see why questions won't be answered after Cushings either, as Dr. Sellin is part of the Pituitary endocrine team at MDAnderson.

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  • Chief Cushie

Power Surge also has an Ask the Expert feature which has archives.


Power Surge Ask the Experts Page includes Medical Doctor (Phillip O. Warner, M.D.), Revival Soy Doctor (Dr Aaron Tabor), The Pharmacist (Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.), The Women's Midlife Therapist (Stephanie Marston), The Anxiety-Panic Expert (Bronwyn Fox), The Relationship Expert (Steven Carter), The Intimacy Expert (Dr. Sandy Scantling), The Weight Watchers Expert (Denise Lamothe)


It's so nice to have all these medical people offer their time and talents at no charge - for a change!

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