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New Research Study /  Pituitary

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  • Chief Cushie

Hi!  I was interested in advertising a research study in a newsletter or on the website of Cushing Help.  I am involved in a research study here at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA.  We are looking for women 18-50 years who have hypoadrenalism +/or hypogonadism as a result of a pituitary disorder.  I noticed your webite contains information on panhypopituitarism, so I thought some of the people who obtain information from you organization may be interested in this study.  


In this study we are replacing testosterone via an investigational patch to normal female levels to find out if women have improved energy levels, sex drive, weight, muscle, and bone density.  


We are providing flight, hotel and remuneration of up to $600 to those who qualify.  Please let me know how I may advertise this research study in your newsletter and on your

web page.


Best Regards,

Julie Jones

Nurse Practitioner

Neuroendocrine Unit

Massachusetts General Hospital- BUL 457B

55 Fruit Street

Boston, MA 02114

Email:  jjones18@partners.org

Phone:  617-724-1837

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