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Medic alert bracelets


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I got an email from my grandmother about this site that sells Medic alert bracelets for "ladies and genlemen"

I'm a bit concerned that it might be overlooked in an emergency, cause it looks like a regular bracelet...hmmm any thoughts?

Here's the site


Just thought I'd pass it on...I don't know if there are more companies out there that make them either. I'm not trying to push this ladies wears...just thought I'd share :)


Take care!

:)  :love:  :love:  :love:

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I got my last necklace at a jewelry store where I live.  They had a complete selection of different pendants to go on necklaces.  I figure if I am going to wear it for the rest of my life, I was going for the "GOLD."  After all, I've made it this far! :)

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Thanks for sharing this info. I was told years ago to have a bracelet, but I am allergic to metals include 24K gold.  Ugh!  I'll take a look at this site.

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Guest Wild Irish Rose

For what it's worth, I got my bracelet about a year ago.  With watches, I usually have to wear stainless steel, because my body is so acidic that I eat through whatever plating they put over the cheap metal.  Then I get sores, and a wide green band around my wrist, wherever the metal touches my skin.  Not pretty or fun!  Even with stainless steel, the back of the watch gets pitted from my body acid.


I got the hypo-allergenic titanium bracelet, and I've been pleasantly surprised that I've had absolutely NO problems with it at all.  It's stretchy, like a watch band, gold colored, daintier than the chain-type, and the Medic Alert emblem isn't much more than an inch long, and about half an inch wide.  I tuck the emblem under my watch, so it doesn't clank and click against it, and I forget I'm wearing it.


They told me if I had any problems with the engraving causing sores where it touched me, that I could paint the back of the emblem with clear nail polish.  I haven't even needed to do that.  And if I needed links added to the band, they provide them for free.


This bracelet has been well worth the price!

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I hae the same allergic? reaction to jewelry. the odd thing is, when I had cushing's I could wear watches, necklaces, rings, earrings. I guess the extra cortisol provided immunity for that allergic reaction.(definitely not worth it lol)

Where did you get your bracelet?

Thanks for posting this


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Guest Wild Irish Rose

Hi, Diana. ?I ordered mine when I joined Medic Alert. ?Go to http://www.medicalert.org/(ajt0wb....tchBand

and you'll see the kind I got. ?It's lots cheaper than the gold ones, and I can wear it. ?I can't wear the $15 kind.


You may already know this, but I'll say it anyway for posterity. ?The drop-down boxes for medical conditions, allergies, etc. don't contain everything I need to have my record contain. ?(Because I'm WEIRD, doncha know!?) ? ?alien.gif


But I called their contact number, and they were quite willing to work with me to put things in from their side. ?I was on the phone with them for about an hour, and they had a nurse check on some things they weren't sure about. ?She called me back the next day to get more information, and finished updating my records. ?Any time I need to change something, I just call them again, and they do it from their side.


Not only do they have the conditions I've been diagnosed with, but they also have the medications I CAN take as well as the ones I'm allergic to, and the ones that just don't work at all. ?I also gave instructions to use PEDIATRIC doses of medications, because I'm very sensitive to drugs and they don't always work like they're supposed to.


They have instructions to make sure to take out my contact lenses if my eyes are closed for any length of time, so the lenses won't stick to my eyes. ?And I've given them a list of all the surgeries I've had. ?They will list any of those things, if you ask them to. ?They won't list anything that is "suspected," "in process of being tested for," etc.


You can also send them files to attach, such as a Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, etc.


They even helped me figure out what would be the most important things to list, since I can't list everything on the back of the emblem. ?It wasn't anything close to what they would've put on it, if the engravers had gotten to keep their choice.


All in all, I've been really impressed with them. ?For $20 a year, I have peace of mind. ?The $35 for my bracelet was a one-time expense.

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  • Chief Cushie

Here's what some other people have on their bracelets, etc...

Darlindebe:size> Medic alertsize> Adrenal Insuff. In Emergency needs hydrocortisone. Diabetes, HTN, Allergic to PCNsize>
Edith:size> Medic alertsize> Bilateral Adrenalectomy, Cushing's disease, Addison's Disease, On Steroids.  In my wallet I list the steroids (prednisone and florinef) that I'm on along with other medical info: i.e. doc phone numbers, how to give a hydrocortisone injection, where to find my injection kit, etc...)size>
Erin:size> Medic alertsize> Cushing's Disease, Hydrocortisone, Allergic: Ceclorsize>
Jackson M. Dean, Jr.:size> ?size> Cushings Disease


Low Cortisol

Taking Cortef

Dr. Kemick

Telephone #

jaycee:size> ?size> I have on the bracelet:
  • adrenalectomies
  • on seroid
  • and other medical informations no related to cushing

with me all the time:

  • emergency letter, with instructions and phone numbers
  • list of meds
  • extra cortef

with me most of the time:

  • solucortef injection ki
  • water, salt
  • enough essentials pills to cover two days

JenS:size> Medic alertsize> idopathic thrombocytopathysize>
Lorrie:size> Medic alertsize> Adrenal insufficiency, needs stress dose steroidssize>
MaryO:size> Medic alertsize> Adrenal Insufficiency, wears contact lenses, allergic to iodine dyesize>
ReneeD:size> Medic alertsize> Diabetes, No adrenal glands, cortisone dependentsize>
Shauna:size> Medic alertsize> Adrenal Insufficiency, Needs stress dose steroids, allergic to PCN (penicillin).size>
Valerie:size> Medic alertsize> steroid dependent and needs stress dose cortisone.  I have my entire medical history on the Medic alert file with all docs number, family member numbers, what meds I'm on and to administer Solucortef 100mg if in an emergency or trauma situation.size>
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My son is anaphylactically allergic to all nuts and nickel.  He must wear the hypoallergenic bracelet.  It's gold and nice for $40.00.  I have the same one but it's silver and gold.  So we're the matching medic alert family.


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