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What's pseudo Cushings?

Guest Handiman

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Guest Handiman

Hey Bernadette,

Pseudo-Cushing's syndrome

Around 80% of patients with severe depression have abnormally regulated cor- tisol secretion which is thought to be medi- ated by increased hypothalamic secretion of CRH. The hormonal abnormalities described disappear with the remission of depression. Chronic alcoholism is an even more uncommon cause of pseudo-Cushing's syndrome. The mechanism of hormonal abnormality may entail either increased CRH secretion or impaired hepatic metabolism of cortisol. Hormonal abnormalities disappear rapidly during abstinence from alcohol.


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These sites talk about pseudo-cushings:



A really great article that discusses distinguishing the states is The Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Cushing?s Syndrome and Pseudo-Cushing?s States

John Newell-Price1, Peter Trainer, Michael Besser and Ashley Grossman. Endocrine Reviews 19 (5): 647-672

Copyright ? 1998 by The Endocrine Society

It can be found at


If you cannot read the article, let me know. I can download it an e-mail.


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Concerning Pseudo-Cushing's Syndrome:

From: Intl Jnl Obesity 2000 24(Supp2)S50-S55.

Obese subjects with psychiatric manfiestations ranging from depression to anxiety often have mild hypercortisolism which is stress-induced and results in visceral obesity and metabolic syndrome manifestations which in the extreme may be a Pseudo-Cushings state that needs to be differentiated from the frank Cushing's Syndrome. Genetic variations in glucocorticoid receptor genes may affect specific tissue, such as visceral fat or the cardiovascular system.

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