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Guest Simone

Hi Im not as crafty as some on this board but there is a really great article in O this month.Its about as you guessed from the title women whove saved thier own lives from medical ignorance by searching online.Its very inspirational if I had known they were writing this I would have written them our story.Like I said Im not crafty and even though we own a scanner I havent figured it out.Directions and I can be an ugly mix.Shudder.Anyone who knows how to copy this onto the board(its 2 1/2 pgs)now knows about it.I read in one of Marys replys that when she went for surgery she was alone and her hubby was at work unaware of her need for support.That sounds very horrible but I wonder too if it wasnt a blessing in disguise as she went on to have so much compassion for patients struggling with this disease as to create a web board community.To be there for us when few are.Thankyou Mary and your extended family.

Simone ? ?:dancing_man: :dancing_man:

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