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virus causes fat

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on this noon's news, they announced that a researcher, a doctor whose name i don't recall, has discovered a virus which does indeed cause obesity. the study was done with chickens (shades of chicken run)and he discovered that this virus is highly contagious. he said that he could not do this same study in humans, but that they were now examining humans with obesity for antibodies to this virus. it has been found in some folks.

the paper was published in the journal of obesity, it has not been made public. wayne state does have a medical school.

if i hear any more about it, i'll post it... but he made no mention of any connection to tumor generation or cushings or other hormonal imbalances.

in virginia at the pit days conference, the doctors who were hosting the seminar had posted questions about virally caused tumors but said they had no idea what was causing pit or adrenal tumors... just that there was ongoing research.

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doing a search for the journal of obesity, i discovered it's 轜+ a year for a subscription and you can't get into it online without that....

but i also found an article in another area: http://www.obesity-news.com/omr08-00.htm#virus


article is massive, so we shouldn't burden mary's system by copying it over here... besides, there's alot more

information. this article which was published before proof, suggests that the hypothalmus is damaged by the virus....

since the hypothalmus links to the pit, it's altogether possible that that is also damaged by the virus.... go read it... it's lengthy, but it's printed using easy to understand language. and it mentions the school in wisconsin, but the news i heard this morning really was at wayne state university in michigan.

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Guest bhirsch

I found this page when looking through my web site statistics today. The link to my publicly available article below, is a review of the definitive article on the obesity virus.

I will be covering the new study from this month's IJO, but it really isn't a major article on the subject. The newest study finds the additional following facts:

1) The virus (Ad-36) is transmissable both through air and blood.

2) Ad-36, does indeed, cause the virus using the rules of Koch's postulate.

Although researchers were pretty sure that the virus did cause excess visceral fat storage, the new experiment proves it conclusively. In this study serum from an infected animal was injected into a healthy animal (in this case chickens). The healthy animal subsequently became infected with the virus.

It does not cost 轜 for a personal subscription to IJO, however. It's 跦.00. But I wouldn't bother if that's all you wanted! I'd hate to see you pay that kind of money for one article. Since we won't be putting this month's obesity virus review in the public archives, I wanted to give you the basics.

Barbara Hirsch, Publisher

Obesity Meds and Research News


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