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Aspartame  & Pituitary Tumors

Guest Bonnie

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Guest Bonnie

How many diet products do you consume?


'Aspartame (NutraSweet)

Causes Brain Tumors...

Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt'

From Betty Martini <Mission-Possible-USA@altavista.net>

Founder, Mission Possible International



Narrative Report of Facts Establishing "Aspartame As A Major Cause of

Brain Tumors...Beyond A Shadow of a Doubt."

By Ed Johnson, J.D. Atty




Dear Betty,


As you know, I have a background as a U.S. Department of Justice Attorney, and served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney under William S. Sessions, who later became the Director of the FBI. I am privileged to have my biography published in "Who's Who in The World", "In America", "In American Law", "In The South & Southwest", "In Industry & Finance", and "Among Top Executives". Over the last 30 years I have owned and/or been General Counsel for several oil companies, securities companies, and investment banking firms.


For the last 10 years I have served as founder, President and CEO of one of the larger lawfirms in the eighth largest city in America, which does casualty, products liability, and medical and legal malpractice defense for some of the largest insurance companies, Fortune 500 Corporations, and trucking companies in America. I served for three years on the Federal Licensing Committee for the Western District of Texas, and was President of the San Antonio Chapter of The Federal Bar Association when it was named the Outstanding Chapter in the World in two categories: Outstanding Programs, and Membership Growth.


As you also know, due to my heavy ingestion of aspartame (NutraSweet & Equal) in my food and Diet Drinks - mainly Diet Cokes (thinking I was "prudently and wisely watching my weight and health"), over the years since the FDA allowed it to be placed in foods and drinks, I developed a brain tumor (pituitary adenoma), which has required two life threatening surgeries, and daily radiation therapy for two months. The reasons for my belief that aspartame caused my brain tumor will become apparent as you read on.


The combination of all of this has severely disabled my ability to perform executive functions and to "input" and thus "recall" facts, to the point that I was finally forced to retire from the practice of law in January of 2000,at the age of 55. Now, unless something is written down, and I'm looking at it, I cannot recall it. Not the thing for an attorney to have! I now have to carry a detailed planner with all sorts of back-up systems to keep a schedule of even the simplest things. However, I am grateful to be alive, and not among those who have not survived "Aspartame Disease".


Short term memory loss, or more accurately in my case,"memory input deficit", is one of the known and classic symptoms of aspartame disease, and one of the known residual effects of radiation therapy that my treating radiologist warned me would most probably occur after the treatments, which were concluded over 3 years ago. A medical evaluation was recently done, and the opinion of the evaluating doctor was that "due to the long period of time since the initial surgery and radialtion therapy, it is improbable that a spontaneous recovery will occur." I am scheduled to have an MRI within the next few days to determine whether the brain tumor (2.4 cm in size) has regenerated since the last surgery. I still am in the shadow of "Aspartame Disease".


Since December l996, when I saw an expose on aspartame (NutraSweet & Equal) on the television program, "60 Minutes", I have researched the dangers and symptoms of aspartame, primarily through your website, and the website <http://www.dorway.comwww.dorway.com,'>http://www.dorway.comwww.dorway.com, through independent reading and through your daily information updates to your website and others, and your aspartame case history reports. I have personally found an increasing number of people who have had brain tumors and surgeries either themselves and/or in their family and/or circle of friends and acquaintances.


The "60 Minutes" television program in December of l996 pointed out that the alarming rise in brain tumors in the United States was in direct proportion to the rise in the use of aspartame in the United States since aspartame was allowed to be introduced into foods and beverages by the FDA around l981. After viewing that program, I have not touched a food product or diet drink containing aspartame! Prior to that I drank a huge number of Diet Cokes daily, and sweetened most all my foods and beverages with it.


Below is a Narrative Report of facts which I believe not only strongly support, but prove the fact, that in the words of the late Dr. M. Adrian Gross,a former senior FDA toxicologist, "beyond a shadow of a doubt, aspartame causes brain tumors (and cancer)". You will recognize many of the statements in the summary, because they came largely from sources that you yourself have researched and frequently quoted, and are found in The Congressional Record, and in medical reports quoted and found on the website <http://www.dorway.comwww.dorway.com,'>http://www.dorway.comwww.dorway.com, and in several of the books on the subject by world renowned medical doctors, who have thoroughly researched this subject. As the time honored Latin Legal Doctrine states:


"Res Ipsa Loquitor" - "The Thing Speaks For Itself."




Ed Johnson, J.D. Atty.(Retired) 210-492-2299





"Aspartame (aka "Nutrasweet" & "Equal") Causes Brain Tumors ...Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt." --The Late Dr. M. Adrian Gross, PhD., former Senior FDA Toxicologist)


As Recorded in The Congressional Record, August 1, l985


The late Dr. M. Adrian Gross, former senior FDA toxicologist, stated in his testimony before Congress, "Beyond a shadow of a doubt, aspartame triggers brain tumors" and, "therefore, by allowing aspartame to be placed on the market, the FDA has violated the Delaney Amendment". In fact, his last words to Congress were: "And if the FDA violates its own law, who is left to protect the public?" These words have been repeated hundreds of times in numerous publications and talks. Read Dr. Adrian Gross' letters to Senator Metzenbaum on <http://www.dorway.comwww.dorway.com,'>http://www.dorway.comwww.dorway.com, listing all the brain tumors caused by aspartame. Read the "Bressler Report", and the FDA's own internal audit on aspartame and the 92 adverse medical symptoms caused by aspartame, on <http://www.dorway.com


The testimony of the late Dr. M. Adrian Gross, former senior FDA toxicologist, may be found at <http://www.dorway.com as recorded in The Congressional Record (SID835:August 1, l985). Dr. Gross, who took part in on-site investigations at Searle laboratories, said the studies carried out by Searle to show the safety of aspartame were "to a large extent unreliable." He said: "at least one of those studies has established beyond any reasonable doubt that aspartame is capable of inducing brain tumors in experimental animals and that this ... is of extremely high significance." Congressional Record SID835: 131 August 1, l985


Dr.Gross also testified that because aspartame was capable of producing brain tumors and brain cancer, the FDA should not have been able to set an allowable daily intake of the substance at any level. In view of these indications that the cancer causing potential of aspartame is a matter that had been established way beyond any reasonable doubt, one can ask: What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act?" As I sat next to a former FDA investigator in Houston, Texas, as a guest on the ABC owned Channel 13, on the Top Rated "Debra Duncan Show", the host asked that very question of him. His reply was: "Money! There are billions of dollars in revenues at stake in the sale of aspartame, and the people who sell it are making many billions of dollars."


So, as usual, it's all about money and greed, over the lives of the innocent who are sick and dying, so that a few rich "cancer-mongers" can and have become even richer. And the irony of it is that, as in my case, the innocent think they are "improving their health" by drinking diet drinks and sweetning their foods (unknowingly) with the deadly cancer and tumor producing neurotoxin, aspartame (NutraSweet & Equal) which causes brain tumors and cancer.


The manufacturer of Nutrasweet (Searle) admitted in their own internal reports (see <http://www.dorway.comwww.dorway.com for the full report), as published in The Congressional Record at SID835:131, that "they had to consider complete conversion to DKP". In fact, they said "if they told the FDA this fact, the FDA wouldn't approve aspartame". "DKP" is diketopiperazine, the brain tumor agent. Sounds like the tobacco fraud all over again, doesn't it? But this time, it's the drug industry, and it's big. When the class actions hit, and they will, I predict that they will rival the tobacco litigation we have seen in the past few years.


The aspartame manufacturer (now Monsanto, which bought aspartame from Searle) has a a lot of political influence, and when the FDA Director refused to allow aspartame on the market, he was replaced by one who would, and did, although the FDA had previously asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the manufacturer (Searle) for fraud and deceit in concealing tests and results which showed that aspartame caused brain tumors, cancer, grand mal seizures, and a total of 92 adverse medical and physical symptoms, including blindness and death. The U.S. Attorney who was asked to investigate Searle, failed to do so, but accepted a position with the Monsanto Corporation's (which purchased the rights to aspartame) defense firm, and the statute of limitations expired. He was aware of the approaching deadline. This is all a matter of record, and can be found on the website <http://www.dorway.com.


The Delaney Amendment makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer causing chemicals in foods. In his concluding testimony Dr. Gross asked, "Given the (cancer causing potential of aspartame, aka" NutraSweet" & "Equal") how would the FDA justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame as constituting an allowable daily intake or 'safe' level of it? Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public?" Congressional Record SID835: 131 August 1, l985.


All the documents showing brain tumors, of course, are on http://www.dorway.com including Dr. Olney's update and Dr. H.J. Robert's (selected "The Best Doctor in the United States" in the 1980's) peer reviewed paper on aspartame and brain tumors. Dr. Roberts once told Betty Martini, founder of Mission Possible International that brain lymphoma was once very rare but since aspartame was introduced, it is projected to be the third most common brain tumor. The rats used in aspartame studies developed astrocytomas and pituitary adenomas . A five stage astrocytoma is a glioblastoma, the rapidly spreading malignant brain tumor that is escalating in the population.


In December, l996, "60 Minutes" aired an expose on aspartame, and stated that research shows that the recent high rise in brain tumors in the United States is in direct proportion to the introduction of aspartame ("Nutrasweet" and "Equal") on the market, and the rise in its use by American consumers in food and drinks since the FDA allowed it's introduction into food and drinks in l981.


We need to warn the public about the established reports and public records on the dangers of the deadly neurotoxin "aspartame", and that aspartame (aka "Nutrasweet" and "Equal" breaks down to a brain tumor agent, diketopiperazine ("DKP").


James Bowen, M.D. wrote in an article entitled "Aspartame Murders Infants": "As it breaks down, aspartame creates "DKP", diketopiperazine, and with the intact aspartame molecule you have the two greatest brain tumor carcinogens discovered by science thus far responsible for the massive brain tumor epidemic we now witness. The methylated aspartyl radicals, such as the N-methylD aspartyl radical et al, are recognized as causative of about every known neurodegenerative disease."


John Olney, M.D., who is one of the most famous neuroscientists in the world today, and who founded the field of neuroscience known as "excitotoxicity", agrees with H.J.Roberts, M.D., who wrote the peer reviewed research on http://www.dorway.com on aspartame and brain tumors. Dr. H.J.Roberts in the 80's was selected as "The Best Doctor In the United States".


In the often referenced book, "Excitotoxins - The Taste That Kills", Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., discusses the brain tumor and aspartame connection. He frequently is heard and seen over radio and TV, warning the world of the dangerous neurotoxin, aspartame. Dr. Blaylock is highly respected in the field of neurosurgery as one of the best, and his book is highly recommended reading. It is available on http://www.amazon.com.


In his book, at page 214, Dr. Russell Blaylock makes this statemet: "It is estimated that over 100 million people drink aspartame sweetened drinks, including a large percentage of children. In my opinion, aspartame should be banned from foods and drinks until this issue has been properly studied by independent researchers in the neuro-oncology field."


Yes, "The Thing Speaks For Itself" "Res Ipsa Loquitor"

Ed Johnson, J.D. Atty.

Tel 210-492-2299  

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Guest Bonnie

Here is another article:


Pay attention to this paragraph :

"For the past 12 years I have been plagued by the following symptoms: Severe headaches, digestive problems, asthma, breathing problems, chronic fatigue, depression, suicidal tendencies, dizziness, ringing in ears, pressure in ears, loss of equilibrium, numbness in arms and legs, shooting pains in legs, blurred vision, floaters, watering eyes, dry eyes, fibromyalgia symptoms, hormonal problems, menstrual irregularities, pre-menopause, confusion, heart palpitations, spasms, nausea, personality changes, rashes, Lyme's disease symptoms, sleeping disorders, speech difficulties, swaying and staggering when walking, swollen optic nerves, racing heart, change of taste, uncoordinated walk, vertigo, weakness, weight gain in hips and thighs, and loss of 12 normal functioning years of my life. The worst part is that I am only 24 years old!"

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When I was younger in my teens and early 20's I used to work in food service we were allow all the soft drinks we wanted, anyhow, a friend and I would drink diet cokes all day long. This guy we worked with came up and said you both will get brain tumors some day because of drinking that stuff, he told us about a tv-show he watched about this very subject. Of course being young and not caring we still drank them. I look back and think our crazy I was back then. I no longer will drink diet cokes only water or things without the aspartame. I remember even drinking slim fast back then not knowing what it was, I have a place you can write to and they will send you some information on this very subject. If anyone wants it I will e-mail the address to you.


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Guest Lorrie

This is new info to me guys.  Very scary.  I have always been battling keeping my weight down and at times have virtually lived on diet sodas.

PJ I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me that info.  Thanks and thanks Bonnie for bringing this to my attention.

my e-mail is llab2638@cs.com

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Lorrie, or anyone wanting information.

I hope this is ok to post here? But, one night my husband on the way home from work heard a radio program with a man called Stan ? can't think of his last name, but he is does some radio talk shows, anyhow, they was talking about all this nutra-sweet and aspertame, stuff. He came, home and said you have to listen to this show, and basically told me he wanted me to quick drinking diet coke, this was even before my tumor. Anyhow, this is how I got my information.

I sent a self addressed envelope if you put no stamps they will only send you a flyer to copy, but if you put four stmaps they will send you more information and this is what I did, they also included and article on milk and hormones in our milk. The address is


P.O. Box 28098

Atlanta, Georgia, 30358

If I had a scanner, I would just scan my copies and just send them to you, but unfortunately I don't have one. I have no phone number either to make sure they are still sending this information out. I do hope they are however.

Hope this helps.


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Guest Bonnie

To learn about aspartame you can check out this site: ?

Keep in mind whenever you see an article in favor of drinking or eating this that & whatever, are you gaining anything from consuming the product in their statement? ?Then ask yourself if you have something to lose by eating this that or whatever. ?If it is a trade off that kind of evens the score, but if you are going to be on the losing end I would definitely think twice. For we only have one chance at this life. ?I can't consume any diet sweetner's because I am pku sensitive.







by Bonnie at 5:40 am on July 30, 2001)
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