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New video explains Cushings

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  • Chief Cushie

This video explains the complete workup of Cushing Syndrome, the causes, the diagnosis, and the full management.


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To bad the video is wrong on how to diagnose Cushing's. To simplistic and relies on gold standards that are not right.We all know that dex does not work on a lot of people nor does urine always work. In the video, 24hr urines are gold standards of testing. It is nice to see Cushing's being covered. It is just frustrating to see the same diagnostic process being used when we know it doesn't always work. Nice find though =]

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Ditto. I wonder what the next step is right off the bat when the 1mg dex test gives a "false" positive. The chart is too simplistic and not complete. IMO.


Unfortunately the diagnosis, differential and treatment is not as easy as he makes it sound.

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