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Generic Drug Safety Investigation

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Linda: Thanks for posting. I notice a big difference in my thyroid medication when it is generic although there are docs who think I am a bit paranoid. Ha!


I recently discovered that prilosec (brand name and generic) are made in Israel. OK, the FDA doesn't have any jurisdiction over Israel, so I wonder what's in that drug and how is it manufactured? I am opposed to bringing in drugs from other countries.

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Thanks LindaP.


I have been around dinner table conversations for decades with family members who are involved with industrial chemicals (stronger than chemicals provided to households, in larger quantities), food production and microbiology.


I have only just started using generics because I have no other financial alternative. This lifetime of hearing the stories about the underside of this industry thoroughly convinced me that big pharma might be held to QA but other pharma probably wouldn't even be held to those standards.


Another area of concern from what I have seen on tv is that the component chemicals for the final product medication, generic and brand, are largely manufactured in China and there is little oversight for any part of the supply chain.


It is very irritating to me when I go to the pharmacy that I am not asked 1) if I want brand or generic and 2) I am not asked how will you pay. There are medications that I prefer to pay for than run through insurance because I get the med cheaper by paying cash or don't want to file a claim through insurance. A pharmacy once confirmed the cash price for med, twice, for 90 day generic and then ran it through my insurance after quoting how long before I could come in for my refill and the total cost (cash pay). This wasn't a hand-off error of order taker to order processor to order filler. One person only. And a med I didn't want claim made to insurance was already a done deal.


I don't understand how when each of us the the final payer for all service at any level, the service we get is so poor/spotty.


And I don't understand how the pharmacies/pharmacists have abdicated their responsibility to the patient.

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