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Need articles to show my doctor


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I just had my blood work and UFC back and he said... well.. it LOOKS normal...

Also said one test is good to rule out that anything is wrong. I was looking for some research or articles to show that sometimes it takes years to get diagnosed and that its not as easy as they are trying to make it out to be. Something to show that ONE test is not enough and that it is a complicated process.

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The Difficulties of Cushing's Syndrome

"Diagnosing and treating Cushing?s syndrome is sometimes just as difficult as it was 70 years ago."

?No test is 100% sensitive or specific,? Salvatori said. ?I always use two, sometimes three, screening tests.? However, Salvatori noted he feels the night-time salivary cortisol test is the most reliable and easy to obtain.


This is where the frustrations run high. IMO don't waste too much time with doctors that are not educated about cushing's. Good Luck and be strong moving forward to get the proper testing.


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The first endo. I saw did the same thing - ordered 1 24hour UFC which came back normal. She said "See... so you don't have Cushing's". Luckily I didn't believe her. I went to a better doctor who did many more tests and ordered a pitituary MRI - which found a tumor.


I bet everyone on this board has a similiar story to tell. See a different doctor and don't give up!

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Even the new guidelines that came out said three tests - and if clinical suspicion is high, continue to test, in the case if that rare cyclical thing... oooh.

Find a new endo - that one has not a single clue. Not one.

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