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What exactly does the diagnosis hypercortisolemia mean.


Thank you.

Hypercortisolemia is simply the overproduction of cortisol.


Basically, what happens with people who have hypercortisolemia is that they have the inability to shut off the stress response so they are constantly responding to stress differently than other people.


In addition to diseases like Cushing's, high stress responses can come from many different sources such as traumatic events, busy lifestyles, or physically, emotionally, or spiritually threatening situations. Stress responses are real, and are typically out of the control of the person experiencing them.


For a more technical explaination read this

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Whew, that is some technical paper... I wish they'd put in an animation to show us how it works!


Jinxie, that is my diagnosis... hypercortisolemia. I also tend to be cyclic too. I have had the differential diagnosis for

depression, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Cortisol Resistence. I have none of the above.


There has been some talk that my job is stressful and that is my problem. My question is  Why is the hypercortisol issues not more constant then? Noone knows why. I have peaks and valleys over the 2 years I have been watched. My job stress, or lack of it, is pretty constant.


I have the pituitary tumor... and even a second one, yet, it cannot be determined with conventional testing if cells in those tumors are behind my woes.


If you have hypercortisolemia, your doctor will begin the differential diagnosis to try to figure out what is behind the hypercortisolemia. Is it Cushing's? Or is it something that looks like Cushing's.


I hope your diagnostic process goes quickly.


For now, I am being watched. I try to not worry about it. I am being kept a close eye on. I can't ask for better. I have really terrific docs. Maybe one day, my body will reveal what the real problem is and then I can get things straight.


Now... I am moving forward (that is the only direction to go). The only thing I really have to complain about now is since I started my diabetes meds... I have the worst nightmares.



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