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Sarah (saberlowe), pituitary interview


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Sarah (saberlowe), February 25, 2010, 7:30PM eastern.


Sarah had been sick for 9 years before her diagnosis in October 2009. She had pituitary surgery to remove 4mm x 5mm adenoma in November 2009.


Her symptoms at onset were: rapid uncontrollable weight gain (50 lbs in a few months), huge purple stretchmarks on abdomen, inner thighs and breasts, GI problems, day time exhaustion, night time insomnia, fast heart rate, facial flushing, think skin and easy bruising, eustachian tube dysfunction, chronic episcleritis, dry cracked skin especially in fingertips, chronic thirst.


Additional symptoms over the years: more weight gain, stretchmarks everywhere, hump, nausea, frequent urination, muscle weakness, muscle soreness, hair loss, headaches, very high blood pressure, dizziness.




The Call-In number for questions or comments is (646) 200-0162.

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Whoohooooo! Looking forward to the interview. I was just feeling very brave and uploaded some pics of myself and my symptoms to my gallery. Now you'll be able to put a face (and a hump! LOL) to my voice :console: All are of me with full-blown Cushing's, taken in the past few months.

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I'm glad you put your pictures up..it was lovely to finally see what you look like..how cute are you with your plaits??!!!! I look forward to hearing your interview.



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