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JFK Biography on TV

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Hey guys!

Just heard on TV (either History Channel or Biography or something like that) they are doing a Biography on JFK.


Wierd thing is they are mentioning his "disease" which they make to sound like a horendous thing that may have affected his decisions about National issues.


We should definately watch this and see how accurate/realistic they are being about "Addisons"!


If anyone gets any details about what channel and when, please post it!




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Guest Renea



There was a really great article about JFK in Reader's Digest 2 months ago, that mentioned all of his health problems, including Addison's.  It also went on to discuss how his health may or may not have affected major decisions during his political career.  I distinctly remember 3 things about the article:


1)  He used to travel around with 2 "black bags" - one for all of his medicines, including narcotics and cortisone, and another with all the codes for nuclear weapons


2)  He was once taking his cortisone shot in front of an aide, and the aide commented that "the way you take that thing, doesn't even look like it hurts", at which JFK reached over, stabbed the aide in the leg (and the aide screamed in pain), to which JFK commented "feels the same way to me"


3)  During his very sickly life, full of doctors, nurses, surgeries, aides, etc.  he was able to keep his composure even while on large doses of multiple narcotics, and never even flinched during the Cuban Missile Crisis....I think this more than proves that his policy decisions should not be questioned - I don't think his medications had much of an effect on anything, other than making him able to function.


Try to get the article - if you can't I can mail it to you - I still have the issue.



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