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Cushing's Disease Paid Market Research

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Schlesinger Associates & Peter's Marketing Research, an international market research company, is conducting a paid market research study among individuals with Cushing?s Disease.


Participation in the research involves attending an in-person interview with a research professional that will last 90 min or a telephone interview if you are not in the areas of our research professionals. The research session will occur on various days. Participants in this study will be compensated $150.00 in consideration for their time and opinions.


If interested please click the link below




If you have any questions. Please give me a call at 215-564-7300 Ext. 404


Katy Chan

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Oh! Ok. I was watching one of Swedish's videos and I thought that he said when talking about put tumor, they were interchangable. Ok. I sit corrected (legs hurt too much to stand :))

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Done. So, now we just wait for them to call us right?

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Just heard from them. They are looking for Cushings Disease based on tumors (adenomas) only. They are not accepting hyperplasia.

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