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Testosterone Levels

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I have had many testosterone tests, first one was high for Testosterone Total - 80 , repeat test even higher at 83...Mormal for woman 14-76, Also had testosterone free and weakly bound 40 High - normal 3-29 for women...My androstenedione however, was normal at 159 ref for adult female 65-270.

The following article was interesting for high testosterone and link to cushings:



Testosterone levels are increased with:

?     Polycystic ovarian syndrome,    

?     Congenital adrenal hyperplasia,    

?     Androgen resistance, and    

?     Women with Cushing's syndrome, hirsutism, or adrenal or ovarian androgen secreting tumors.    

Testosterone levels are decreased with:

?     Male hypogonadism and    

?     Men with Cushing's disease or those receiving glucocorticoid therapy.    


Testosterone, Bioavailable and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin; Free and Total



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